Destiny Mastercard: Increase Your Credit Limit

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Increase Your Credit Limit With Destiny Mastercard In A Breeze

Are you interested in increasing your credit limit with Destiny MasterCard? Many consumers start with a lower credit limit and want to increase their limit as soon as possible. There are plenty of benefits when it comes to credit limit increases that extend beyond making additional purchases.

Aside from more available funds, consumers can increase their available credit, which increases their credit score. In addition to this, having more available credit means that you're less likely to max out your card.

But getting a credit limit increase isn't always the easiest solution. Many credit card issuers have strict rules when it comes to credit limit increases, making it difficult to get an increase approved.

In addition to this, some issuers only offer automatic increases that only occur if the issuer has reviewed your account on their own and deems you qualified. Even more, some credit card issuers do not offer an option for a credit limit increase, such as with the

DoNotPay is dedicated to helping consumers increase their credit limits. Today we're going to provide a little more information on getting a credit limit increase with Destiny MasterCard and how using DoNotPay's credit limit increase product can help you get an increase on qualifying cards.

How Credit Limit Increases Work

There are a couple of ways for consumers to request a credit limit increase from their credit card issuer. Be sure to check with your issuer to see what options are available to you.

Credit Limit Increase Options

Over the phoneMost credit card companies offer an opportunity for their customers to request a credit limit increase over the phone by calling customer service.
Through emailWhile not as common as requesting over the phone, some companies allow their customers to request a credit limit increase through their customer service email.
Online accountIf you've set up an online account with your credit card issuer, there may be an option to request a credit limit increase directly through your account.

Eligibility for Credit Limit Increase

There are certain requirements that you will need to meet to increase your chances of getting a credit limit increase. All credit card issuers want to know that you are a responsible cardholder before initiating an increase. As such, they will review your profile and account to ensure you can manage more debt. Here are some of the things that an issuer will look for.

  • If you pay your minimum monthly payment each month on time
  • Whether you make any additional payments throughout the month
  • Your credit report

Keep in mind that in order to initiate a credit limit increase, your credit card issuer will need to pull your credit report. If they perform a soft pull, this won't affect your credit score. But if they perform a hard pull, this will have an impact on your credit score.

About Destiny MasterCard

Destiny MasterCard is a credit card issuer that is seeking to provide more financial opportunities for those with imperfect credit. They partner with consumers to enable them to build better credit, even if you have a more challenging credit history. The Destiny MasterCard enables consumers to pre-qualify without impacting their score, use their card anywhere in the U.S and wherever MasterCard is accepted, and have access to fraud protection.

Why Does Destiny MasterCard Not Allow Credit Limit Increases?

Unfortunately, Destiny MasterCard does not allow its customers to increase their credit limits. At this time, they do not accept requests for credit limit increases. They also do not issue any automatic increases either. They only provide customers with an initial credit limit, which is used to help their customers improve their credit scores.

How to Get a Credit Limit Increase for Qualifying Credit Cards With DoNotPay

Here at DoNotPay, we're ready to help you get a credit limit increase on qualifying credit cards. You don't have to be stuck with your initial credit limit approval. We will help you submit a request so that you can get access to more funds. DoNotPay is:

  1. Fast. We will quickly gather your information and submit your request to your credit card issuer.
  2. Easy. DoNotPay does everything on your behalf while you wait for your answer.
  3. Successful. We will find the right channel to submit your request for the best outcome.

How Does It Work?

We'll ask you a few questions about your current card, income, employment status, and more and send a formal request to your credit provider to ask for a limit increase.

Here's how you can get started:

  1. Go to the Credit Limit Increase product on DoNotPay.

  2. Select which type of card you own and your credit provider.

  3. Tell us more about your card, such as when you first created this card, your current credit limit, what you would like your new limit to be, your card number, and whether you've missed past payments.

  4. Tell us more about your current income and expenses and why you would like to request a limit increase.

  5. Indicate whether you want to allow hard inquiries to be made into your credit history. Upload a copy of your ID and provide your e-signature

  6. Submit your task. DoNotPay will deliver the request letter on your behalf. You should hear back from the card provider with confirmation or a request for more information within a few weeks.

While Destiny MasterCard doesn't currently offer credit limit increases for their customers, DoNotPay can help you request a credit limit increase for any other participating credit card issuers.

DoNotPay can also help with the following banks:

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