How To Claim Your CITGO Lubes Rebate

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How to Claim Your CITGO Lubes Rebate

There are over $500 million worth of rebates that go unclaimed in the United States every single year. Often, people don't even know about them, or they don't want to go through the trouble of actually trying to claim one, but that's almost the same as wasting money. You may be wondering now, does CITGO Lubes offer any rebates?

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What is CITGO Lubes Rebate?

To claim a , you'll need to submit an application through their website. You can also contact the customer service team at (800) 331 - 4068 to find out exactly how to work through the process. The rebate only applies to lubricants purchased through CITGO, and you must provide a receipt that shows a CITGO product.

Some of their latest rebates include:

CITGO ProductRebate AmountMaximum Rebate Amount
SUPERGUARD Conventional and Synthetic Blend$5/12 times per year$60
SUPERGUARD UltraLife High Mileage$8/12 times per year$96
SUPERGUARD Full Synthetic$12/12 times per year$144
TRANSGUARD Automatic Transmission Fluid$8/12 times per year$96
CITGARD Conventional and Synthetic Blend$5/12 times per year$60
CITGARD Full Synthetic$12/12 times per year$144

Who is Eligible for a CITGO Lubes Rebate?

Anyone who has purchased a CITGO lube product from participating locations is eligible for a rebate. You must have a receipt showing you purchased a CITGO lube product, and the rebate you receive can be no larger than $20 at one time.

How to Submit a Claim for a CITGO Lubes Rebate

You can submit a rebate claim by going to CITGO's website. You'll be able to track your claim if you create an account and submit it online, or by the tracking number if you kept it when sending off with the rebate information and service receipt to CITGO.

To submit your claim online:

  1. Go to CITGO Lubes' website.
  2. At the bottom of the home page, under "information", click on "rebate information".
  3. Click on "submit claim."
  4. Select "register" under "register for a rebate".
  5. You'll then be prompted to create an account, but you can click "no thanks" if you don't want to.
  6. Enter the offer code, purchase date, and country of purchase when prompted.
  7. Enter the product information requested.
  8. Enter the required personal information.
  9. Select a payment option.
  10. Review your claim and submit it.
  11. Print your rebate confirmation, and mail it to the address shown on your confirmation with the service receipt.

How to Track CITGO Lubes Rebate

To track a rebate for CITGO lubes, go to their rebate page and click the red button that says "track". You can either log in to your CITGO account or input the tracking number for your rebate.

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