Cheapest Xbox One Console: Ways on How to Find One

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Find the Cheapest Xbox One Console

You or your loved one may be hoping to score a new Xbox One console. That's easier said than done, though, given the typical prices on such a uni and the insane competition among consumers to find one to purchase.

Searching the web for the can seem overwhelming. Looking at multiple websites, trying various search terms, and sorting through new and used products can be a real pain.

Luckily, though, now there's a product that can help save you both time and money when you're shopping for the cheapest Xbox. That product is DoNotPay.

What Is an Xbox?

An Xbox is a gaming console developed by Microsoft. Known for its excellent graphics, the Xbox has long been one of the more popular consoles for gamers.

Due to their popularity and high-end technology, prices for can be on the high side. For example, here are the current listed prices for the different Xbox consoles on Microsoft's website:

Xbox ModelPrice
Xbox Series X--Halo Limited Edition Bundle$549.99
Xbox Series X$499.99
Xbox Series S Fortnite & Rocket League Bundle$299.99
Xbox Series S$299.99
Xbox One S$299.99

We should make a note about that last one, though. Even though the price is listed at $299.99, there are no units currently in stock, and it seems unlikely that there will be in the future, given the changes that Microsoft is making to the Xbox lineup. So if you have your heart set on an Xbox One, you're going to have your work cut out for you.

How to Save Money on an Xbox One Console

Scoring an Xbox One at all these days isn't easy, let alone one at a low price. Nevertheless, here are some strategies you can try if you're hoping to find a cheap Xbox.

1. Buy a Previous Generation of Xbox

The Xbox One grew out of Microsoft's Xbox 360, on which the company stopped production in 2016. It's still possible to score Xbox 360s, though, if you know where to look and don't need the latest models of all your technology. Depending on what model of Xbox 360 you find and what condition it's in, you could pay anywhere from $20 to $120 for it.

2. Buy a Used Xbox One

Many used Xbox One consoles are up for sale on eBay and similar sites for lower prices. Checking in regularly at sites like eBay can score you some good deals if you're able to nab them before someone else does.

3. Look For Refurbished Units

Amazon, for example, often sells refurbished Xbox One consoles that have been fixed up for their next owner. And perhaps you're just the right person to inherit one of them.

How to Find Cheap Xbox Consoles Using DoNotPay

Xbox One consoles can be difficult to find at all, let alone cheap Xbox One consoles. It can be a daunting task to get a really good deal on one.

Luckily, now you have a company that will do the legwork for you: DoNotPay. DoNotPay will search the web for the , allowing you to select from options such as new or used.

If You Want to Find the Best Prices on an Xbox One Console but Don’t Know Where to Start, Donotpay Has You Covered in 4 Easy Steps:

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DoNotPay can also help you find relevant promo codes redeemable at Microsoft! Just use the Deals and Coupons product to have us scan the web for active coupon codes.

Why Use DoNotPay to Find the Cheapest Xbox One Consoles?

There's mad competition out there these days for the best deals on Xbox One consoles. That's why it's important to have DoNotPay in your corner. DoNotPay is


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