How to Get the Cheapest Flights

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All You Need to Know About Finding the Cheapest Flights

Whether you travel for work or pleasure, odds are, you've experienced the pinch of booking a flight sometime in your life. Traveling by plane can be convenient, cutting down on drive time and making cross-country trips much more accessible, but flights can also be very expensive.

If you are interested in how to , this guide will help walk you through the process. There are a few different ways to locate cheap flights on your own, even if it isn't always easy to navigate various websites and apps. Fortunately, there's a super-easy solution that helps you get cheap flights with minimal effort.

How to Get the Cheapest Flights on Your Own

isn't an exact science. Still, there are a few things that you can try in order to score reduced-priced tickets on your plane trip.

  1. Book your flight early. If you are making travel plans and want to get the cheapest flight possible, try to book your getaway early. Generally, the closer you get to your travel dates, the higher the flight prices will be. Booking your flight around 2-3 months out is a safe time to start seriously looking at flights.
  2. Be flexible with your travel plans. Sometimes, it isn't possible to adjust your travel dates, especially if you are planning to fly for work. However, if you are planning a vacation or weekend getaway, consider adjusting the dates based on flight prices. Also, consider being flexible with where you fly in - sometimes, certain airports have higher prices, so if you can fly into a cheaper airport and drive to your final destination, it might save you a few hundred dollars.
  3. Compare different airlines' prices. Make a habit of comparing prices from different airlines in order to find the cheapest flights. This can be time-consuming, but it could save you some serious money when it comes time to book your flight.
  4. Fly with the cheapest airlines. Finally, you can save money by flying with the cheapest airlines. While prices vary from airline to airline, and even prestige airlines offer discounted tickets on occasion, in general, you will save more money by booking with budget airlines, which are listed below.

While utilizing these tips is likely to save you a bit of money, it can also be time-consuming and even stressful to find the cheapest flights this way. Notably, comparing airlines can take hours - which is time that you might not have to spare. A few other ways to save money on flights include:

  • Signing up for rewards through any of your favorite airlines.
  • Setting up a credit card with a major airline, such as Southwest Airlines. You could earn bonus miles and free flights by using your new card.
  • Sign up for discount flight emails and coupon lists.

The 4 Cheapest Airlines

Prices vary from airline to airline, but there are a few airlines that are known for offering significantly reduced prices. Here are 4 of the cheapest airlines that are worth checking out if you are trying to learn how to get the cheapest flights:

Southwest AirlinesA flyer-favorite airline that offers perks for fliers like free checked bags and in-flight snacks and beverages.
Spirit AirlinesWell known for low fares, Spirit Airline is one of the most popular budget airlines. Although you are likely to get the cheapest flights by flying Spirit, you might have to pay extra for things like checked bags and in-flight amenities.
Hawaiian AirlinesThe biggest airline in Hawaii, Hawaiian Airlines is a budget airline that offers service to the United States mainland. The airline also offers its own credit card, which has bonus miles available for cardholders, another way to get the cheapest flights.
Hawaiian AirlinesThe biggest airline in Hawaii, Hawaiian Airlines is a budget airline that offers service to the United States mainland. The airline also offers its own credit card, which has bonus miles available for cardholders, another way to get the cheapest flights.
Frontier AirlinesOne of the biggest budget airlines, Frontier Airlines is a company that has managed to endure over the years, rivaling Southwest and Spirit Airlines in terms of popularity.

When you are on the hunt for the cheapest flights, make sure to compare prices for all of these major budget airlines. If you have time to burn, you can also look into the prestige airlines as well, including

  • United Airlines
  • American Airlines.

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