YouTube TV Promo Codes That Actually Work

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YouTube TV Promo Codes That Actually Work

In the age of cord-cutting, the traditional cable is becoming less and less popular. However, there's still something about the experience of watching TV like in the olden days that has an undeniable appeal.

Considering most people don't want to pay the ridiculous subscription cost for cable, though, many are turning to digital alternatives like YouTube TV to get their fix. If you're thinking about starting a YouTube TV subscription, you can find with DoNotPay to get a discount on your membership.

What Is YouTube TV?

YouTube TV is, as the name suggests, a YouTube-based alternative to cable television. With this service, viewers can stream over 85 live channels, in addition to shows and movies on demand. You can also record shows streamed live to watch later with their cloud-based DVR.

In terms of price, YouTube TV is a bit on the pricier side. The base package is $64.99 per month with the option to upgrade to 4K video for an additional $10 each month. As much as that might be, though, it's arguably worth it if you enjoy live television and would like the option to watch it on multiple devices. YouTube TV can stream to smart TVs, streaming sticks, game consoles, tablets, and Android and iOS devices, giving it more options than traditional cable.

Let's look at some and other things you can do to lower the price.

YouTube TV Promo Codes

Paying full price for anything is a pain, and that includes YouTube TV. If you want to save money while enjoying the benefits of YouTube TV, here are some promo codes and other discounts you can apply to save money:

Free TrialAnyone who hasn't used YouTube TV before can get 14 days free just for signing up. Google's TOS warns that trial times can vary, though, so check the fine print to make sure you don't let the trial lapse when you don't expect it.
Promotional DiscountDuring certain promotional periods, you can get your first three months of YouTube TV at a $5 discount. That means you only pay $59.99 during that period before going back to the standard price.

When Does YouTube TV Have Sales?

YouTube TV does not have regular sales or promotional periods. However, if you're hoping to join during a time you can get the best price, keep an eye out for sales around the holidays. YouTube TV might have a special promotion available during Black Friday or a similar day similar to many companies, so this is a good time to look into subscribing if you're trying to get the most out of your money.

How to Find YouTube TV Promo Codes on Your Own

Finding YouTube TV promo codes on your own can be tricky. Not only are they few and far between, it's a real hassle to sift through the coupon websites full of broken links and useless fake promos. If you don't want to waste your time with that, trust DoNotPay to track down the best price on YouTube TV and just about anything else you might want. If you're not convinced, though, here are some tips for finding a good deal on your subscription:

  1. Check the YouTube TV site to check for any promotions advertised there.
  2. Search reputable sites for coupon codes. If they have them, there's a good chance they're the real deal.
  3. If you're not coming up with anything, try a search engine query. Results on the first and second page are often the best, with anything beyond that likely to be less good.

Get the Best Price on YouTube TV With DoNotPay

If you'd like some help getting the best price on a YouTube TV subscription, let DoNotPay take the wheel. Just follow these four easy steps to get started:

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