How to Claim an Ameren Nest Rebate

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How to Claim an Ameren Nest Rebate

Nest thermostats are by far the most power-efficient. Eligible designs of these could help most consumers save funds on cooling and heating. The equipment uses advanced controls such as occupancy sensing and geofencing when air temperature modifications are in effect over time. For purchasing advice and energy-saving tips, consult DoNotPay. We shall help you buy an innovative thermostat in-store or online for models with the best discounts.

How to Get the Most Out of Ameren Nest Rebates

Smart thermostats certainly keep an eye on and modify the temperature of your house even while you're not there. that are ENERGY STAR® accredited and can be remotely controlled using a laptop, smartphone, or tablet enable you to reduce your cooling and heating from wherever. Some types could even sense if your residence is vacant and lower the temperature autonomously, saving you electricity and money.

Ameren Nest rebates are currently available in two states:

  1. Missouri
  2. Illinois

Participating vendors offer $100 special discounts on ENERGY STAR accredited smart thermostats via Instant Incentives; therefore, contractors who buy from them pass the savings on to you. You can either contact an Ameren Instant Incentives Program Ally Contractor near you or advise your reliable contractor to acquire one from any collaborating distributors.

Eligibility Criteria for Ameren Nest Rebates

The eligibility bars differ from state to state.


For your rebate to be processed, first check the qualifying models. Then, give details concerning your heating and cooling system, as well as a duplicate of the sales receipt or invoice indicating the item and model, date, location of sale, and cost of purchase. If it's a bill from a contractor, please include the invoice number.

Check if the appliance's pricing is itemized, excluding installation, shipping, and tax charges. If you're using a smart thermostat, you'll have to present the serial number.

All Ameren Nest rebates demand every participant to have an account for the goods you're trying to acquire the refund for. For instance, you should have an Ameren Illinois gas account to receive gas clothing washers.

To qualify for the pool pump, ensure it is installed for the first time or retrofit for a current single-speed pool pump. Remember, there's a single pump restriction. There is a pump refund per account holder. To be qualified, the pool pump should be ENERGY STAR changeable. There is no rebate for multi-speed, two-speed, or single-speed pool pumps.

The client with the Ameren Illinois account at the installation location should be the one to review and sign the form. Please confirm who is registered as the account owner on your latest Ameren Illinois bill.


Rebates are available for several qualifying models, such as improved power strips, LEDs, and smart thermostats mentioned in the Ameren Missouri Store. The rebates are activated immediately for qualifying consumers, and no paperwork is necessary.

The Peak Time Savings $50 sign-up bonus is also available at the acquisition of some qualifying nest thermostats. Non-rebated items that complement the capabilities of the rebated goods are also purchasable.

A smart thermostat that qualifies must be used with an air-source heat pump, geothermal heat pump, or central air conditioner.

How to Claim Ameren Nest Rebates

The fastest way to successfully forward your rebate claim is by applying online. Please read the information below to see how to go about it.


Get $50 off when you buy a new qualifying smart thermostat for your residence. This rebate is not given with any other Ameren Missouri incentive or rebate. Only one per cooling system is allowed, with a maximum of three per residential electricity system of a client's account. To obtain your refund, buy your item at Ameren Missouri’s website or visit an Ameren store near you.

If applying online, fill out the reimbursement form on the website, then proceed to the next step to participate in Peak Time Savings. Please attach a duplicate of your dated sales receipt or invoice that shows the supplier, model number, and value of the eligible item. Incomplete information could well cause your rebate to be delayed or denied. Kindly allow up to eight weeks for a refund check to arrive after the rebate processing facility receives your finalized rebate application. You must send all rebate applications by December 31, 2022.


Consumers who buy and install Illinois-made items as part of their environmental improvement projects can receive a cash bonus. This cash is on top of the pre-approved Efficiency Program Financial Incentives. The reward is a 5% increase on the Early Completion Bonus for projects done between January 1, 2022, and September 30, 2022. If your project meets the criteria, you might get up to 20% more incentive money until March 31, 2022.

For your rebate to be processed, give information about the heating and cooling system you utilize. Also, provide a duplicate of the sales receipt or invoice clearly stating the item and model type, date, sale location, and purchase cost. If it's a bill from a contractor, please include the invoice number. Also, please check that the equipment's value is expensed, excluding taxes, shipping, and installation charges. To apply, go to Ameren Illinois’ website.

Please call or email Ameren customer service if you have any other questions.

Illinois800 755 5000
Missouri800 552 7583

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