How to Find Affordable Dental Care in Memphis, TN

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How to Find Affordable Dentists in Memphis, TN

Getting insurance can be hard. Getting dental care without insurance? Even harder. Only 49% of Americans get insurance through their employers, leaving over half the population to find their own or go without. Regular dental care can stave off several diseases, but the cost may have some people avoiding the dentist's office unless a visit is necessary. If you are looking for an , DoNotPay can help you find it.

Getting Affordable Dental Care in Memphis, TN

As in many states, if your budget is a concern, enrolling in the state's Medicaid offering is the best way for you to get low-cost dental care. In Tennessee, the Medicaid program is called TennCare.

Who Is Eligible for TennCare?

TennCare covers a wide variety of people, with eligibility rules varying by population. The largest coverage groups are

  • Children - TennCare covers low-income children up to age 19. The income limit decreases as children age, starting at 195% of the federal poverty level ($33,969 for a parent and child) for children under one and dropping to 133% of the federal poverty level ($17,131 for a family of two). Orthodontic services are not covered under dental services unless medically necessary. For each additional person in the family, the limit increases by $4,540.
  • Pregnant Women - Pregnant women at or under 195% of the federal poverty line are eligible for TennCare.
  • Parents or Caretaker Relatives - If you are the caretaker for a child under the age of 18, you may be covered by TennCare if you are low-income. The income limits are not aligned to the federal poverty line but currently fall between the 120% and 133% used for other populations ($15,948 for a family of two).
  • Deemed Newborns - If a child is born to a woman covered by TennCare, they are automatically covered for a year before eligibility status is evaluated.
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI) - This eligibility category covers the elderly and the disabled. The income limit is set by the Social Security Administration (currently $1,261 for a single person). There is also an asset limit ($2,000 for a single person).
  • TennCare Standard - This group covers children under 19 who may not meet the income requirements to be covered as part of the "Children" population. The income limit for this group is 211% of the federal poverty level ($36,757 for a family of two). The child must not have access to insurance through a family member's employer.

How to Apply for TennCare

There are three ways for Tennessee residents to apply for TennCare:

  1. Using the paper application - You can mail your completed application to TennCare Connect, P.O. Box 305240, Nashville, TN 37230 or fax it to 855-315-0669. If you fax your application, keep the page that confirms it was sent.
  2. Over the phone by calling 855-259-0701
  3. Online at

During the application process, you should be prepared to provide

  • Current address, phone number, and email address
  • Social Security number and birth dates for every family member
  • Information about any sources of income for the household
  • Citizenship and immigration status
  • The value of any property the family owns, including homes, vehicles, and life insurance policies
  • Information about any other health insurance you have access to or are partially covered by

If you have questions while completing your application, you can call 855-259-0701 for assistance. To save time on future applications, you can opt into automatic renewals of TennCare coverage for up to five years. Opting in gives the program permission to check federal sources for updated information about your eligibility, including

  1. Income
  2. Household size
  3. Insurance coverage

Low-Cost Dental Clinics in the Memphis Area

Many clinics in Shelby County accept TennCare. DentalQuest is the provider for affordable dental services under TennCare. If you would like to find an affordable or free dental clinic near you that accepts TennCare, you can call them at 855-418-1622. Some clinics provide dental care for the uninsured population of Memphis.

NamePhone NumberEmail AddressAddressAccepts low-income, uninsured, etc
Cawthon Dental Clinic901-222-9870jasina.winton@shelbycountytn.gov1000 Haynes Street, Memphis, TN 38114Accepts Shelby residents under the age of 20. Services are charged on a sliding scale.
Christ Community Health Services Raleigh Dental901-701-2770Contact through form3481 Austin Peay Highway, Memphis, TN 38128Accepts some private insurance, TennCare, and uninsured. Fees are charged on a sliding scale.
Church Health Center901-272-7526MemphisPlan@ChurchHealth.org1350 Concourse Avenue, Memphis, TN 38104Provides care to participants in the MEMPHIS Plan
Memphis Health Center901-261-2000feedback@mphshc.org360 East E.H. Crump Boulevard, Memphis, TN 38126Accepts private insurance, TennCare, and uninsured. Fees are charged on a sliding scale.
University Of Tennessee Health & Science Center College Of Dentistry - Predoctoral Student Clinic901-448-6468875 Union Avenue, C-209 Dunn Building, Memphis, TN 38163Accepts some insurance, including TennCare

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