Easy Ways to Find Affordable Dental Care in Fayetteville GA

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How to Find Affordable Dental Care in Fayetteville, GA

Not only is maintaining healthy teeth and gums essential for good oral health, but poor dental care has been linked to other diseases such as kidney disease, diabetes, and heart disease. Often the lack of care is attributed to the high cost of dental services. However, across the country, thousands of dental care clinics offer reduced or even free dental care to low-income or residents who meet other specified criteria.

Depending on the dental care you need, the service you require, and your financial situation, you may qualify to have your dental care done on a sliding scale, or in some cases, at no cost at all. If you need to find , DoNotPay can help. In just three easy steps, DoNotPay can select a dental care clinic near you, determine if you qualify for reduced care, get a quote for your procedure, and even make an appointment for you.

Do I Qualify for Reduced Dental Care Costs?

Each location is different, so you first need to determine what the criteria are for each clinic. Some locations offer limited free services. Others offer care for low-income children or families. Some clinics serve those on Medicaid or have no dental insurance at all. Some locations may cater to senior citizens. are as follows:

  • Federally funded non-profits. These are clinics that operate from funds provided by the federal government. Low-income and uninsured persons can find dental care here to cover basics such as exams and cleaning. Even if you have dental insurance, you may not be able to afford the uncovered portion of your dental bill, and these clinics may be able to help.
  • Local and state-sponsored clinics. Some locations offer free dental care or care given on a sliding scale. These locations charge based on income, so you will have to fill out some financial information before receiving care. Medicare and Medicaid patients can usually get help with their uncovered portion of the dental charges.
  • Dental schools and universities. If you live near a dental school or university, you may be able to receive cleanings and other dental services at no or low cost. Students need the experience and you need the service. They are always fully supervised, so you are never put in any danger. It is a win-win for everyone, the students have a chance to learn with a hands-on client, and you receive the dental care you want.
  • Churches and other non-profits. Depending on where you live, you may get help through a church or other non-profit. They may work with dental clinics to offer services on specific dates or may help with funding for the service that you are having done.

To find out if you qualify for reduced or free services, you should contact the clinic for more information. You may need to prepare financial paperwork, or provide proof of income.

How to Find Free or Affordable Dental Care in Fayetteville, Ga

Finding a dental clinic on your own may take a little time. As long as you are patient, you will be able to find a location on your own. Fayetteville has several dental clinics that offer affordable dental care, but you must find out from each if you qualify. Wait times may be long, so getting an early start is important.

  1. Check with local universities and dental schools to see if they offer services and the procedure for receiving care. If there are hospitals that have dental departments, they may offer some services such as surgeries on a sliding scale.
  2. Speak with your church or churches in your neighborhood. They may offer funding to a specific dentist or location to offer care for lower-income or to disadvantaged people in need of dental care.
  3. Contact community action agencies or the United Way. These groups may sponsor a clinic and might be able to guide you to a location to fulfill your needs.
  4. Do an internet search for affordable dental care in Fayetteville, Ga. This could take a little time but you will be able to find dental clinics near you that you can contact and inquire about a sliding scale or free dental care.

Below are some of the dental facilities in and near Fayetteville that offer free or low-cost dental services:

ClinicAddressPhone NumberOther Information Terms of Service
Fayette Care Clinic Inc.1260 Hwy 54 W., Suite 101

Fayetteville, GA 30214

(770) 719.4620Dental Services will be scheduled by appointment when possible
Hands of Hope Medical Clinic and Dental Clinic1010 Hospital Dr

Stockbridge, GA - 30281

(770) 507-1344Low income. The clinic is based on Sliding scale fees which are variable prices for products, services, or taxes based on a customer's ability to pay.
Southside Medical Center, Inc.1046 Ridge Avenue, SW

Atlanta, GA - 30315

(404) 341-6686Provides dental care to low-income residents through the use of a sliding fee discount schedule. The fee schedule is based on income and family size.
West End Medical Center868 York Avenue Southwest

Atlanta, GA - 30310

(404) 752-1400Accepts the following methods of payment for services: Medicare/Medicaid Most private insurance plans, including Humana, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, HMO, PPO, POS, and most major credit cards.
Clifton Springs Health Center Dental Clinic3110 Clifton Springs Road

Decatur, GA - 30034

(404) 244-4410Fees are based on household income

What if I Can't Do It Myself?

It can be a lengthy, frustrating job to find affordable dental care in Fayetteville, Ga. You must call around to get information and then contact each clinic. You must fill out tedious paperwork, wait for a response, and then wait to get an appointment. But if you don't have the time, or just don't know how to get started, DoNotPay can help. DoNotPay has an extensive database that has the information available and can help you find and get the dental care you need at the lowest cost. And in just three quick and easy steps.

Here's how you can use DoNotPay to find free dental clinics:

  1. Search "dentist" on DoNotPay.
  2. Enter your current address, so we can find the clinic nearest to you.

  3. Select whether you would like to ask a question about your eligibility, receive a quote for a specific procedure, or set up an appointment.

And that's it! DoNotPay will contact the clinic on your behalf and get back to you with the information you requested!

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