Remove AAMS Collections From Your Credit Report

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Remove AAMS Collections From Your Credit Report The Easy Way

Improving your credit score is something that everyone wants, but most of the time, this is not possible. account on your credit report will lower your credit score and taint your image to potential creditors for years.

Fortunately, you can remove the collection account from your credit report by reaching out to the collection agency or by disputing the credit report. The bad news is that the process is not always easy.

DoNotPay can help fix your credit score and file a dispute letter to the relevant agency to help clean your report.

About AAMS Collections

When you forget to pay your bills, you will notice an AAMS Collections account listed on your credit report. , also known as AAMS, is a debt collection agency located in the Midwest U.S.

The company which manages healthcare accounts has been in business for 18 years now, with its headquarters in Des Moines, IA. The table below shows some contact information you might need if you plan on disputing a debt with AAMS Collections.

Company nameAutomated Accounts Management Services or AAMS
Address4800 Mills Civic Pkwy

Ste 202

West Des Moines, IA 50265

Telephone(877) 770-5252

How to Remove a Collection Account from Your Credit Report

If an error was made that led to a collection account being listed on your credit report, then there is a chance that you can have it removed. However, if there was no mistake, you may probably have to wait for seven years since chances of removing it are slim.

Even so, you can always try by following these steps:

1. Go Through Your Credit Reports

Get your credit report from and go through it to check for errors. You may also have to check your other credit reports if there is a collection account that you are worried about.

2. Check Whether the Account is Legitimate

Check whether the account listed is from a debt that you owe. Most of the time, errors are made, and consumers are listed on accounts they don't even owe.

3. Take Action

If there are legitimate errors, you can take the following actions:

  • File a dispute with a credit bureau to remove the account
  • Call the AAMS collection and ask for goodwill deletion if you have already paid the debts
  • Avoid taking action and just wait for seven years to lapse. Collection accounts are removed from credit reports after they become delinquent, even if you didn't pay the debts

How to File Credit Report Error Dispute

An error on your credit report can destroy your chances of creating a credit account and asking for loans. Some of the errors on your credit report include:

  • Errors on your account balance and credit limits
  • Inaccurate information even after correction
  • Accounts that have been reported incorrectly, for instance, closed accounts
  • Identity errors, for instance, misspelled names, incorrect phone number

You need to file a dispute as soon as you notice errors in your report in the following steps.

1. Contact the Credit Bureau

According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, you should contact the specific credit bureau that listed the errors. Major credit bureaus include Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian.

Write a letter explaining your concerns and ensure you include copies of your credit report and contact information.

This table explores credit bureau contact details.


Equifax Information Services LLC

P.O. Box 740256

Atlanta, GA 30348

Phone- (866) 349-5191


Fill out a form on the website

Send the letter to:


P.O. Box 4500

Allen, TX 75013

Phone- (888) 397-3742


Fill out the form on the website, and submit it.

Mail Address:

TransUnion LLC

Consumer Dispute Center

P.O. Box 2000

Chester, PA 19016

Phone- (800) 916-880

2. Wait for Investigation

The credit bureau must investigate your claims and verify the information you provided with the furnisher. The bureau must also reveal the investigation results within five days after completion.

Depending on the information you provided, the credit bureau may determine whether your case is frivolous or not.

3. Go through the Investigation Report

Review the investigation report immediately, once the Credit Bureau releases it to you. The report must also include the furnisher who reported the errors.

4. Continuously Check for Updates

If the Credit Bureau investigation report shows that there were indeed errors on the report, must remove it from your credit report.

How DoNotPay Can Help Clean Your Credit Report

Cleaning your credit report involves moving from one office to another, filling out forms, and waiting days for a response. All this can be hectic and heartbreaking, especially since your credit score is on the line.

DoNotPay can take away the frustrations and help remove late payments from your credit report. Just follow these steps to begin:

  1. Search Clean Credit Report on DoNotPay.

  2. Prepare a recent copy of your credit report that you can use as reference.

  3. Let us guide you through the 4 potential options:
  • If you've already paid off your debt, we'll help you file a Goodwill Removal Request to get it removed.

  • If you notice any errors in your report (we have a list of common errors you can use!), we'll help you file a credit dispute to the creditor or major credit bureaus.

  • If there are no errors, we'll check if you're still eligible to file a debt validation request. If they can't validate your debt, they're required to remove it from your report and they can't collect it!

  • Lastly, if none of the above options work, we'll help you file a pay-to-delete negotiation letter. You can customize the amount you are willing to pay in exchange for getting the item removed.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

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