When You Donate Plasma, Do They Test For Drugs?

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Do They Test For Drugs When You Donate Plasma?

If you enjoy helping the needy or seeing other people benefit from you, then donating plasma could be the best thing you can do. You'd not only make up to $1000, but you can help a child or a person with cancer to recover and live a better life. You can donate plasma at a location near you.

However, many people ask, “When you donate plasma do they test for drugs?" While they may not test for drugs, it's good to know what doctors check before they accept your donation.

DoNotPay can help you understand plasma donation requirements and if you qualify to be a donor. With , you can also find out how to donate plasma at a location near you.

Plasma Donor Eligibility Requirements

Not everyone can donate plasma. Some people may only be restricted for some time, while others can never donate due to underlying conditions or drug intake.

It's important to know the criteria doctors follow when taking your plasma. These steps help guarantee the safety of the people receiving your donation.

In general, you should:

  1. Be at least 18 years old and weigh at least 110 pounds or 50 KGs
  2. Undergo a medical examination and complete an extensive medical history screening
  3. Take a test for transmissive viruses such as HIV or hepatitis
  4. Follow a recommended diet program and take in a lot of water

Restrictions in Donating Plasma

Can You Donate Plasma If….?Y/NOther Information
You Take CaffeineYesBut you should not have exceeded the recommended five cups a day. However, it can be dangerous for you as too much caffeine makes you pee. This means you lose water from your body. When you give plasma, you lose more water.
You Smoke CigarettesYesSmoking cigarettes cannot stop you from donating plasma. However, if you plan to donate, avoid smoking on the day of your appointment and three hours afterward. Smoking before your appointment can lead to increased blood pressure, while smoking afterward can lead to dizziness.
You Drink AlcoholYesDrinking alcohol doesn't disqualify you from giving plasma donations. However, you should not drink alcohol 24-48 hours before giving a donation. It can make you dehydrated, making it difficult for you to donate.
You Consume CannabisYesMany clinics will not disqualify you for smoking cannabis. However, if you appear for a donation when you're visibly high, they might defer you from their clinic.
You Take Unprescribed DrugsNoIf you recently injected yourself with unprescribed drugs, you must wait for at least five years before you can donate.

Do They Test For Drugs?

Every clinic has different protocols regarding drug tests. Some require donors to allow them to randomly drug test them, while others will check for signs before asking for a drug test.

Some signs that can make clinics decide to drug test you include signs of injectable drugs, bloodshot eyes, poor skin tone, and visible intoxication. If a clinic finds that you use drugs, they might permanently defer you from their clinic.

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DoNotPay can help you get answers to the following questions related to plasma donation:

  1. How often can you donate plasma?
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  5. Can diabetics donate plasma?

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Here are other things we can help you with:

Donating plasma is incredibly important. However, not everyone can donate, and if you take drugs, you might permanently lose your opportunity to donate plasma. Therefore, it's good to find out what protocols a clinic follows to test for drugs.

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