Can You Skip the Section 8 Waiting List In Long Island

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Can You Skip the Section 8 Waiting List In Long Island

Finding affordable housing in Long Island not only helps free up funds within families' tight budgets, but also ensures quality living. Since rental prices keep increasing, there is a shortage of affordable housing. However, you can take advantage of to find better, affordable homes.

Section 8 government housing is a voucher program to help low-income families, the elderly, and the disabled find decent housing and a suitable living environment by paying some or all of their rent.

So, how do you apply for section 8, and where do you go to fill out the section 8 application? In this guide, we'll answer all your questions and help you learn how you can get Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) housing in Long Island, NY. You'll also learn more about how DoNotPay has simplified the Section 8 Long Island application process and how we can help you get HCV immediately.

Who Is Eligible for Section 8 Housing on Long Island?

There is a high demand for section 8 vouchers on Long Island. Therefore, before applying for section 8 rental assistance programs, you'll have to meet the following eligibility requirements.

Eligible Groups

You qualify for rentals if you fall within the following groups:

  • Very low-income
  • Living in substandard housing
  • Disabled
  • Homeless
  • Paying rent totaling over 50% of family income
  • Elderly
  • Involuntarily displaced


At least one family member must be a US citizen or possess a and eligible immigrant status.


Since Section 8 in Long Island is for very low-income individuals and families, your annual household income should be below the HUD income limit, which is set at 30% of the median income.

Criminal Record

You are not eligible for Section 8 housing if:

  • A member of your household was convicted of producing methamphetamine in public housing.
  • Suppose you were evicted from public housing for drug-related criminal activities. You cannot receive Section 8 vouchers for three years from the eviction date.

Required Documents

When applying for Section 8 in Long Island, New York State, you'll be required to provide the following forms of documentation for each family member:

  • Birth certificates
  • Photo identification
  • Social security cards
  • Pay stubs
  • Bank account statements
  • Child support information
  • Documentation for other assistance

How to Get Affordable Public Housing in Long Island, NY, by Yourself

Since more people need the the application process is not only time-consuming but also requires patience. However, you can still apply for section 8 on your own by taking the following steps:

1. Find Your Local PHA

If you would like to apply for Section 8 housing on Long Island by yourself, you can contact any of the following housing offices:

Nassau County Office of Housing(516) 572-1900
NYC Housing Authority(718) 707-7771
Community Development Corporation of Long Island(631) 471-1215, extension 184

When you contact your PHA, they will tell you when an application for the waiting list will be open.

2. Confirm That You Are Eligible

You can confirm with your PHA whether you meet the eligibility requirements stated above and any other requirements that the PHA might have for its applicants.

3. Get on the List

If you are eligible, you'll have to fill in the housing section 8 application form either online, by mail, or at the local housing authority's office. If you're eligible, your PHA will put you on the waiting list. They will also tell you how long the waiting list is.

4. Wait for Your Turn

After being put on the waiting list, you should be prepared to wait quite a long time for your turn. The PHA will contact you for an interview and further verification. You'll have to provide the required documentation and other details for the PHA to re-verify your eligibility.

5. Find and Move Into Qualified Housing

After you're approved, you can find and move into Long Island Section 8 rentals, Suffolk County Section 8 houses for rent, or your desired apartment. The housing officer will then pay your rent directly to your landlord.

Given how beneficial government-backed housing is to thousands in need of sanitary housing, applying for it on your own is more complicated than you can imagine. Luckily, you have a much simpler and more efficient alternative. DoNotPay understands that you deserve decent and affordable housing with ideal living conditions. That's why DoNotPay ensures that you get Section 8 housing in Long Island, NY in the simplest way possible.

How to Apply for Section 8 Housing in Long Island With DoNotPay

Section 8 housing is the most affordable low-income housing option you can ever get. However, it can be challenging to get approved for this program and will often involve a long waiting period. Luckily, DoNotPay is here to handle all the heavy lifting for you. With our straightforward process, all you have to do is answer a few questions and let DoNotPay handle the rest.

Therefore, if you want to apply for but don't know where to start, DoNotPay has you covered in 2 easy steps:

  1. Answer a few questions about your income, family size, veteran/disability status, which county you hope to live in, etc.

  2. DoNotPay will find the PHA in charge of that county and contact them with all of your eligibility information to determine if you can start applying. They'll get back to you directly via email with the next steps.

And that's it!

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