Apply for Section 8 Housing In Hampton, Virginia In 2 Steps

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Apply for Section 8 Housing In Hampton, Virginia In 2 Steps

Section 8 housing is a wonderful resource for low-income families who live in Hampton, Virginia. It can be life-changing to be provided with an affordable, clean, safe place to live without having to worry too much about having the money to pay rent. However, the process to receive a Section 8 housing voucher can be quite complicated, as it's not the same for every county or state. So, how can you get ?

DoNotPay can help you with the entire process of applying for Section 8 housing in Hampton, VA. With their help, getting the resources you need in order to live can be almost stress-free.

Who Is Eligible for Section 8 Housing in Hampton, VA?

As with any government assistance program, there are some requirements that must be met in order to receive a housing voucher.

You can apply if:

Income EligibilityYou are making at or below the posted poverty line in your state. You are considered at the lowest income level if your family brings in only 30 percent or less of the average income in your area. You are still considered very low income if you only bring in 50 percent of that income and low income for 80 percent.
Age EligibilityIf you are above a certain age and still not bringing in enough income, you may qualify for Section 8 housing. Depending on a fixed income, those who are 65 and older could find themselves meeting these requirements.
Disability EligibilityIf you have been deemed disabled and unable to work, you are eligible for assistance, even as the head of household.

Most housing vouchers are given out to families who have an annual gross income falling below the 30% threshold, as HUD requires Housing Authorities to give 75% of its vouchers to extremely low-income families.

How to Apply for Section 8 Housing in Hampton, VA

Applying for can be quite frustrating. There's often a long waiting period to even be considered for a voucher, as the Housing Authority's waiting list is almost always full. They don't usually expect it to be open again any time soon, but when it is, they advertise it online and in local newspapers.

To apply for Section 8 housing in Hampton, VA:

  1. Look up the requirements for a housing voucher in your area. You can find that on this website.
  2. The Hampton Redevelopment and Housing Authority will tell you if the waiting list and applications are currently open. If not, check back often so you don't miss your chance to apply.
  3. If applications are open, you can contact or visit the management office of an apartment that interests you. You may be able to find an application online at the Hampton Redevelopment and Housing Authority website.
  4. You can also visit the Hampton local housing authority.

The process isn't as easy as it might look. It can take a very long time to get on the waiting list, and Hampton doesn't have an emergency housing program. If you're homeless or threatened with eviction, you have to wait just as long as everybody else. If your income is higher than the 30% threshold, you'll probably have to wait even longer or possibly have to apply more than once as lower-income families are prioritized.

Can I Apply for Section 8 Housing in Hampton, VA if I Have No Family?

Yes, you can still apply for Section 8 housing if you don't have any family. The income requirements are still the same, but since you're only supporting one person, you don't have to make as much money as someone in a multiple-person household. There is a chance you won't be as prioritized as a larger family, however, as families with children are often seen as a higher priority when it comes to receiving shelter.

What Are My Responsibilities as a Participant of Section 8 Housing?

According to the Hampton Redevelopment and Housing Authority, there are certain rules you have to follow as a participant in the program. It might be annoying, but it is necessary to make sure you follow the rules of the apartment complex and remain eligible for the program.

These responsibilities include:

  • Supplying any information deemed necessary by the Housing Authority
  • Verify social security numbers, and sign/submit consent forms
  • Notify the Housing Authority when you're away from your unit for longer than 30 days
  • Consent to inspections of the unit at reasonable times after a notice
  • Give written notification to the Housing Authority and property owner when you're moving out of the unit
  • Notify the Housing Authority when a new family member needs to be added
  • Notify the Housing Authority within ten days if a family member leaves the unit
  • Pay utility bills and provide/maintain appliances the owner is not required to provide under the lease

There are other requirements that must be met, but you can find these on the Housing Authority's website.

Apply for Section 8 Housing in Hampton, VA With the Help of DoNotPay

There are so many frustrating steps to apply for , but DoNotPay can help take most of the weight off your shoulders. Instead of having to do an incredible amount of research to obtain the resources you need, DoNotPay can contact your local housing authority on your behalf.

How to apply for Section 8 Housing in Hampton, VA with DoNotPay.

If you want to apply for Section 8 Housing in Hampton, VA but don't know where to start, DoNotPay has you covered in 2 easy steps:

  1. Answer a few questions about your income, family size, veteran/disability status, which county you hope to live in, etc.

  2. DoNotPay will find the PHA in charge of that county and contact them with all of your eligibility information to determine if you can start applying. They'll get back to you directly via email with the next steps.

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