How to Apply for Section 8 Housing In Chicago Online

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How to Apply for Section 8 Housing In Chicago Online

Clean, safe housing is a basic human right - but unfortunately, people all around the United States struggle with homelessness and the high cost of housing. With the cost of living going up, finding an affordable place to live can seem something that is truly out of reach.

Section 8 housing is a federally-funded program designed to assist people to find affordable housing. The Chicago Housing Authority helps to facilitate Section 8 housing vouchers in Chicago. While applying for Section 8 housing on your own is possible, it can also be stressful. Fortunately, DoNotPay is an AI chatbot that saves you time by helping you learn about and apply for .

Who Is Eligible for Low-Income Housing in Chicago?

is operated through the Chicago Housing Authority. There are specific eligibility requirements associated with the Housing Choice Voucher program, formerly known as Section 8 housing. These eligibility rules, according to the website, include:

  • Applicants must meet the Department of Housing and Urban Development's definition of family.
  • Applicants must meet the specific income thresholds set by the HUD.
  • The applicants must sign appropriate consent forms and pass a criminal background screening.
  • Applicants must be citizens of the United States or be immigrants.
  • Applicants must provide Social Security number information.

Additionally, all eligible families must re-establish eligibility every two years, and all household members must remain in good standing with the property owner. In general, individuals who fit into the low-income housing threshold, are senior citizens, or are disabled, are eligible for low-income housing in Chicago.

About the Chicago Housing Authority

According to the Chicago Housing Authority website, the Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) is the third-largest public housing agency in the nation, serving more than 20,000 low-income households. There are three different CHA offices located around the city of Chicago to serve program participants:

  1. Central Office. 60 E. Van Buren St., Chicago, IL 60605
  2. South Office. 3617 S. State Street, Chicago, IL 60609
  3. West Office. 1852 S. Albany Avenue, Chicago, IL 60623

You can also contact the CHA's main office by phone at 312-742-8500.

How to Apply for Chicago Section 8 on Your Own

You can apply for Section 8 in Chicago on your own by following these steps:

Contact the Chicago Housing Authority to confirm eligibility.To confirm your eligibility for affordable Chicago housing, contact the Chicago Housing Authority. The staff can give you information about the specific eligibility requirements and update you on the waitlist. You might have to visit one of the office locations in person to speak with a staff member though you might confirm your information over the phone as well.
Get on the waitlist.Once you confirm eligibility for Chicago Section 8 government housing, you can get on the waitlist - if it is open. Periodically, the waitlist closes to new applicants. When it is open, updates will be posted on the CHA's website and through local media channels. You can also ask the CHA office to alert you when the waitlist opens, although it is likely more reliable to check for waitlist updates yourself.
Watch for updates.Once you get on the waitlist, you will have to wait once again to be notified of when a voucher becomes available. It can take a while before the CHA works through the waitlist, so allow months or even years before you can get a resolution. You can check in with the CHA periodically to let them know that you are still interested in your affordable housing voucher.

Although looking into Chicago Section 8 housing on your own can be frustrating and very time-consuming, the ultimate benefits can be substantial. To that end, DoNotPay can serve as an ally, saving you time by reaching out to the Chicago Housing Authority on your behalf, inquiring about the waitlist, and determining the specific eligibility requirements. DoNotPay can save you hours on the phone, streamlining the process and saving you a headache.

DoNotPay Can Simplify the Chicago Section 8 Housing Application Process

If you want to apply for Section 8 Housing in Chicago but don't know where to start, DoNotPay has you covered in 2 easy steps:

  1. Answer a few questions about your income, family size, veteran/disability status, which county you hope to live in, etc.

  2. DoNotPay will find the PHA in charge of that county and contact them with all of your eligibility information to determine if you can start applying. They'll get back to you directly via email with the next steps.

And that's it! DoNotPay saves you hours of time and frustration.

DoNotPay Makes It Easy to Apply for Affordable Housing in Chicago

If you live in the Chicago area and want to learn more about affordable housing options, turn to DoNotPay. Our AI chatbot is the fast, easy, successful way to get started on your affordable housing hunt, acting as a go-between for you and the local housing authority. Let DoNotPay handle the heavy lifting for you, so you can focus on more important things.

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