Get Section 8 Chesapeake, VA Housing Without the Wait

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How to Get Section 8 Chesapeake, VA Housing Without the Wait

The federal Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8) is an essential tool that helps many American families afford to house. But like everywhere else in the U.S., , housing can be very complicated due to the rigorous process of matching families with the right housing assistance.

With a bit of help from DoNotPay, however, applicants can enjoy a simplified process that will help your family get the results you're looking for.

The Basics of Section 8 Housing in Chesapeake, VA

Working with the federal agency HUD (Housing and Urban Development), the CRHA (Chesapeake Redevelopment and Housing Authority) aims to provide housing assistance for as many households as it can. But the CRHA also has limits on what it can feasibly do, leading to an often-cumbersome , process. Keep the following in mind before applying for Section 8 housing in Chesapeake, Virginia:

  • Households are responsible for a percentage of rent.
  • Rent payments are determined based on adjusted or unadjusted income.
  • A utility allowance is typically available.
  • There are exclusions.

If your household gets accepted into the Section 8/HCV program, there are a few ways your monthly rent will be determined. You could end up paying 10% of your family's expected household income; 30% of income minus certain deductions; or a $50 minimum monthly rent. Deductions include dependents in the household, seniors, and those in the household with disabilities. It's important to check out the critical info listed by the CRHA before moving forward.

Once your rent responsibility is set, a monthly check for the balance is sent from CRHA each month directly to the landlord. It's also important to know of potential eligibility exclusions from the program, which can include certain types of convictions.

Finding Section 8 Housing in Chesapeake

Once you've determined your eligibility, CRHA will provide a referral list of properties owned by private landlords that accept Section 8 in Chesapeake. Candidates are also encouraged to look around for Section 8 housing on their own as well. To be officially considered for the program, all Section 8 candidates will need to complete a Request for Tenancy Approval and a Lead Disclosure Form, which will be filled out with the prospective landlord.

Section 8 Chesapeake candidates will also need to make sure that the rent is what is considered "reasonable" by the CRHA. This is based on expected rent per bedroom, or "payment standard," and is subject to change due to market fluctuations. As rents have lifted significantly, the 2022 payment standard reflects the increases.

Applying for Section 8 Housing in Chesapeake on Your Own

When you're ready to apply, the following steps can help you get started:

  1. Look over details of the HCV program provided by CRHA.
  2. Check out the FAQs and/or contact CRHA with any questions.
  3. Fill out and submit appropriate client forms.
  4. Register for the CRHA portal.
  5. Check application status through the portal as needed.
  6. Locate housing within 60 days of approved Section 8 voucher.
  7. Request a voucher extension, if necessary.

The best way to check your application status is through the CRHA portal, making it important that you register for the portal early in the process. You can also call the HCV director at 757-233-6408 for assistance or send a message to the CRHA office.

Something to remember is that CHRA only provides basic levels of personal assistance, as there are many applicants for the HCV Chesapeake program. The best thing you can do is look closely at the guidelines and tips laid out by CRHA and HUD and reach out to CHRA as early as possible with any questions or concerns.

Applying for Section 8 in Chesapeake With DoNotPay

The last thing you want to do is slow down the process when you're looking to apply for Section 8 housing in Chesapeake.

Instead of doing it all yourself, DoNotPay can improve the process with two easy steps:

  1. Answer a few questions about your income, family size, veteran/disability status, which county you hope to live in, etc.

  2. DoNotPay will find the PHA in charge of that county and contact them with all of your eligibility information to determine if you can start applying. They'll get back to you directly via email with the next steps.

And that's all you have to do to get started. After submitting your information, DoNotPay will contact CVHA on your behalf and help you get the ball rolling on your Section 8 application as quickly as possible.

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