How to Request Section 8 Housing from Sarasota Housing Authority

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How to Request Section 8 Housing from Sarasota Housing Authority

The cost of living in Sarasota, Florida, is 9% higher than the national cost of living average. The median income for a typical Sarasota resident is $29,362 USD. With a living index of 102.7, Sarasota is relatively expensive for average US citizens.

The National Department of Housing and Urban Development offers affordable housing in Sarasota, Florida, along with the . The housing services help low-income individuals and families — below the 50% median income level — access safe and quality residence at a subsidized fee.

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What Are the Different Types of Section 8 Housing Options in Sarasota, Florida?

The Sarasota Housing Authority offers two different types of housing voucher assistance, which are:

1. The Tenant-Based Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program

The tenant-based housing choice voucher program offers rental assistance to deserving individuals and households while they live in the privately-owned property. The beneficiaries have to provide their lease or tenancy agreement documents for them to receive the voucher.

2. The Project-Based Voucher (PBV) Program

The project-based voucher program offers rental assistance to beneficiaries while they reside in a specific unit that is covered by a long-term housing assistance payment contract. The housing in this agreement could be public-owned housing or private property.

The waitlist for HCV is managed by the Sarasota Housing Authority, while the PBV waitlists are managed by the property managers who oversee those PBV units.

The governing rules of both programs are similar. All beneficiaries from both programs should report the changes in the number of family members and income changes to the Housing Choice Voucher offices.

Who Can Qualify for Section 8 in Sarasota, Florida?

You need to meet a series of eligibility criteria to be awarded a Section 8 housing voucher. The main limiting factors are your citizenship status and the condition of the house you rent or intend to rent. Here is a breakdown of the Section 8 housing eligibility criteria:

Income LevelYour income should not exceed the higher limit of the Federal poverty level or earn 50 % of the area's median income.
CitizenshipYou must be an American citizen or an immigrant with valid immigration status.
Renting HistoryYou have no debt with the Sarasota housing authority.
VouchersYou must not have a Housing Choice Voucher Program canceled in the past five years

The Section 8 voucher priority is given to the household with the least income. Your application will be automatically be canceled if you have an eviction history due to any of the following reasons.

  • Have a record of sex offenses requiring sex offender registration
  • A record indicating a pattern of alcohol abuse and dependency
  • Any crimes that exhibit habitual criminal behavior
  • Reported Methamphetamine production
  • Current use of illegal drugs

Can I Move to Sarasota if I Live Under Section 8 in a Different Region?

Yes, you can move to Sarasota from any other region, even when living under Section 8 housing assistance. You, however, need to transfer your Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher from your current area of residence to Sarasota.

You should start by notifying your landlord at least 60 days before moving out, then apply for a transfer from your local public housing agency. You will receive a Section 8 transfer packet from your local PHA and a notice form for your landlord to sign. Ensure you meet the eligibility criteria of your new residence and submit all the needed documents for the transfer.

How to Apply for Section 8 Housing in Sarasota on Your Own

To apply for Section 8 housing in Sarasota, visit The Sarasota Housing Authority offices and fill in the application form with the help of a housing officer. Otherwise, you can apply through the Sarasota housing authority website, select the housing type you are interested in and wait for a response.

You can apply for the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher or any of the following public housing plans:

  1. The Courts and Bertha Mitchell
  2. King Stone
  3. Flint River
  4. McCown Tower Annex Application
  5. Single-Family Homes
  6. McCown Tower Application

You can apply to more than one housing plan since they all have different waiting lists.

What if I Can’t Apply for Section 8 Housing on My Own?

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How to Apply for Section 8 Housing in Sarasota, Florida With DoNotPay

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