Best Places For Plasma Donation In Nashville

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What’s The Reward For Plasma Donation In Nashville

When you think of donating your plasma, you generally think of volunteer groups like the American Red Cross, which collect plasma and blood for free. While that is a perfectly viable option, there are numerous other possibilities where you may get compensated for your .

Donor compensation rates are defined by each collection site and might vary depending on the volume of plasma supplied and the length of time spent giving. For example, if you donate plasma at Grifols, you will be compensated via a Grifols prepaid card, which is recharged after every donation, and you may earn up to $200 per month.

DoNotPay will help you find plasma donation centers where you can get compensated.

What Is Plasma? Why Donate Plasma?

Plasma is a fraction of blood that remains after platelets, red and white blood cells. Only a small percentage of eligible persons donate plasma in the United States.

Volunteerism in various forms is encouraged by the plasma protein therapies sector. Plasma donation is crucial because it can save lives. People with uncommon, chronic illnesses and disorders such as hemophilia and hereditary lung disease are treated with recovered plasma.

Plasma donation necessitates time commitment and willingness to donate regularly. takes three hours or less on average, and you can give out your plasma twice a week. The programs may fit into your life in different ways, and continuous donations are equally crucial in meeting a critical medical need.

Plasma Donor Eligibility Requirements

Not everyone in Nashville can donate plasma since there are requirements that you must first meet, including:

  1. Weigh more than 50kg.
  2. Be over 18 years old.
  3. Be able to provide proof of identity and address.
  4. Pass an essential medical examination.
  5. Pass a primary health screen, blood test, and viral test.

Plasma Donation Locations in Nashville

There are many plasma donation clinics scattered across Nashville, including:

Donation CenterLocationPhone NumberWebsite
Southern Blood Services Inc1114 17th Ave South Ste 104, Nashville, Tennessee, 37212615-342-0180
Biomat|Interstate Blood Bank, Inc3201 Gallatin Pike, Nashville, Tennessee, 37216615-915-2649
Biomat USA Inc3748 Nolensville Pike, Nashville, Tennessee, 37211615-327-0218
CSL Plasma820 Madison Square Madison Shopping Center, Madison, Tennessee, 37115615-865-1246
Octapharma Plasma Inc5361 Mount View Road, Antioch, Tennessee, 37013615-645-4955
BioLife Plasma Services 540 Pleasant Grove Road, Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, 37122615-754-1188

Things to Keep In Mind Before Donating Plasma

If you're thinking of donating plasma to aid people in need, there are a few things to keep in mind beforehand:

  1. Avoid fatty meals for at least three hours before donating since they impede plasma donation and processing.
  2. Alcohol is dehydrating, so avoid it. Instead, drink plenty of water.
  3. You'll get juice and a bite to eat after donating plasma, regardless of how you do it. You should also rest for a minimum of 10 to 15 minutes. The aim is to begin refilling your blood volume—which is especially important when giving whole blood—while also preventing dizziness or fainting, which can be caused by low blood pressure.

How to Safely Donate Plasma

You can check out plasma donation centers in Nashville online or by physically visiting donation centers around your region.

There are several ways to ensure that your donation process is safe and successful:

  • Make sure you're going to an accredited facility. Your donation clinic must take you through a diagnostic test that includes a preliminary blood test, a questionnaire, and a physical examination. Consider it a red flag if your plasma donation facility doesn't go through these steps.
  • Keep track of how often you donate.

What Disqualifies You From Donating Plasma?

Blood and plasma donations are not available to everyone. The following are the most prevalent issues that may prevent you from giving out plasma:

IllnessesYou cannot donate plasma if you have a fever, a cough, or when you are feeling sick. It is also true for persons taking antibiotics for an active illness. Certain chronic conditions, like hepatitis or diabetes, preclude you from donating. You must first address other current diseases for a while before you can donate.
Low iron levelsYou won't donate plasma if your hemoglobin levels are too low.
MedicationsYou may be ineligible to donate plasma if you are on medication. Inform your donation personnel of any medications you are taking before donating your plasma.
TravelIf you've been to other parts of the world, you might be afflicted with a disease that disqualifies you, such as Ebola or COVID-19.

How to Find Plasma Donation Centers in Nashville Using DoNotPay

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