Best Lansing Plasma Donation Centers Near Me

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Best Lansing Plasma Donation Centers Near Me

While it might sound like easy money, plasma donation is a legit industry and has become wildly popular over the years, mainly because of the many benefits of donating plasma. And the best part about it is that plasma donation doesn't take much effort.

is one of the best ways of giving a valuable gift to those who need plasma-derived treatments to live healthier, happier lives. But where and how do you donate plasma in Lansing? What are the benefits of plasma donation? Are there any risks involved?

This post will help you better understand everything you need to know about donating plasma in Lansing and how DoNotPay can help.

Requirements for Plasma Donation Eligibility in Lansing

Unfortunately, as much as many people show interest in donating blood plasma to those who need it, not everyone is eligible for donating. You must meet the requirements mentioned to be eligible for blood plasma donation. This section discusses the minimum plasma donation requirements you must meet to donate in Lansing:

  • Be over 18 years old
  • Provide proof of identity. This can be a photo ID or proof of physical address.
  • Weigh more than 110 lbs.
  • Pass the basic physical exam
  • Pass a blood test, viral test, and basic health screening test

Those who have had COVID or have gotten the COVID vaccine may still be eligible to donate plasma as long as they do not exhibit any symptoms of the virus.

NOTE: The eligibility criteria for donating plasma also varies, depending on the center you're donating from. For instance, some centers allow those who have diabetes to donate, while others do not.

Plasma Donation Locations in Lansing, MI

Here are a few centers you may call if you’re interested in donating plasma:

Center NameAddressPhoneFaxHours
CSL Plasma3800 W. Saginaw St

Lansing, MI 48917

517-679-3326517-323-2469Mon-Fri 6am-7pm; Sat-Sun 8am-4pm
Grifols Plasma921 W. Holmes Rd #300

Lansing, MI, 48910

517-272-9044N/AMon 6am-12pm;

Tue-Fri 6am-7:30pm;

Sat-Sun 6am-5pm

Lansing Red Cross Blood and Platelet Donation Center1729 E. Saginaw

Lansing, MI 48912

1-800-RED CROSSN/AMon-Tue 11am-7:15pm;

Wed 8:30am-4:45pm;

Thu 7:30am-3:45pm;

Fri-Sat 6:30am-2:45pm;

Sun Closed

How Many Times Can You Donate Plasma Safely?

Many plasma donation centers recommend that you donate at most once every 28 days before applying for another donation. This is equivalent to about 13 plasma donations annually. However, some plasma donation centers don't have such restrictions and won't hinder you from making multiple donations.

However, not knowing how often you can donate plasma safely without risking your health can expose you to even more risks, especially if you make more than the recommended number of donations within a specified period.

Many plasma donation centers that use the pay-per-donation operation system provide financial incentives for donors, making frequent plasma donations a lucrative way of earning extra money.

NOTE: Too frequent plasma donations may impact the quality of the plasma donated due to the limitations of your system's ability to regenerate important plasma components quickly enough. That's why we always recommend frequent plasma donations to be done under your doctor's supervision.

Benefits of Plasma Donation in Lansing

When you think about it, you come to realize that there are numerous benefits to donating plasma. The even better part is that there are very minimal to no risks involved, and the process requires just a few minutes to an hour to complete. Not only can you make several thousand dollars annually from a few donations, but the experience also has lasting health effects.

Here are some top reasons why donating plasma can be more beneficial to you:

1. Earn up to $4,000+ Annually

This is perhaps the main reason why many people donate plasma every year. Depending on the donation center you're using, you can earn a significant amount after each donation process. Lansing, Michigan also has several plasma donation centers that compensate you immediately after completing your plasma donation.

2. Make an Impact

Many healthcare facilities use plasma to create medicines and other treatments to cure and contain chronic illnesses, such as bleeding disorders, immune deficiencies, and other rare diseases. As a result, donating your plasma can be one sure way of making an impact on someone else's life.

3. Boost Your Mood

Besides contributing to your overall health, plasma donation can also boost your mood and overall wellbeing. It always feels great knowing that your plasma will help save a life somewhere. It lowers stress levels and increases endorphins.

4. Reduce Cholesterol Levels

Donating plasma can reduce bad cholesterol levels in your system and increase good cholesterol, especially in women. The potential reduction of bad cholesterol levels can help improve your overall health and wellbeing.

Use DoNotPay to Find the Best Plasma Donation Center in Lansing

Finding the right plasma donation center in Lansing can be a long and strenuous process because of the numerous donation centers in the capital city. But thanks to DoNotPay, you never have to worry about finding the best donation center that offers large compensation for each donation.

DoNotPay's 'Plasma Donations' product is the perfect solution to connect you with the best plasma donation centers near you with little to no hassle. We will answer all your questions and help avoid lingering doubts about donating.

If you want to use DoNotPay to donate plasma and enjoy its amazing benefits, follow these three easy steps:

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That's it! DoNotPay does all the work and helps connect you with the best plasma donation centers in Lansing, so you don't have to worry about the processes involved.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

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Donating plasma can be richly rewarding financially, mentally, and psychologically. Let DoNotPay help you to quickly, easily, and successfully find the best plasma donation centers in Lansing, MI, today. We do all the hard work, so you don't have to. today for more information!

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