All About Plasma Donation In Houston

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How Much Do You Get Paid For Plasma Donation In Houston

Plasma donors give a beneficial gift to patients in need of plasma-derived therapies to enable them to live happier and healthier life. As a or any other area, you also benefit from keeping a healthier life as you earn from your donation. Your donations assist patients diagnosed with severe illnesses like hemophilia and other blood disorders.

Plasma is a vital component used in medication and treatment purposes. Only plasma donors can provide such an important ingredient because it cannot be produced in a laboratory. Are you willing to earn from your plasma donation? helps you find the best site in Houston.

Why Donate Plasma?

Other than saving lives, donating plasma is beneficial to you as well. You will know the difference you make in other people's lives and get compensation for your donation. Donors can dedicate several hours a week to various centers that provide up to two donations.

You also get rewarded significantly for your commitment, generosity and time spent participating in donation activities. Your compensation varies based on the plasma program and the donation center you visit.

Plasma Donor Eligibility Requirements

Plasma donations eligibility criteria vary across centers in Houston, but these are the basic requirements for you to qualify as a donor:

  • Must be healthy and generally fit
  • Must be between the ages of 18 and 66
  • You must have enough blood for a safe donation: blood quantity depends on weight, which should be 55 kg minimum weight.
  • Have suitable veins and a normal pulse, which must be checked before the donation process
  • Have the ability to travel to the plasma donation center

Reasons Why You Might Take Longer to Donate Plasma

If you have these conditions, then you will have to wait before you can donate:

  • If you are pregnant
  • If you have a 6-month-old baby
  • If you have recently tattooed or pierced your body
  • If you have traveled outside the country recently
  • If you are under medical care or assessment for medical conditions like heart conditions.

Who Can't Donate Plasma?

These conditions can prevent you from donating plasma:

  • If you are diagnosed with cancer
  • If you have some heart conditions
  • If you have tested positive for HIV
  • If you have had an organ transplant
  • If you have a hepatitis C carrier
  • If you have taken non-prescribed drugs like injectable tanning agents
  • If you have a hepatitis B carrier

Check on other conditions that can inhibit you from donating Plasma.

Plasma Donation Locations in Houston

There are a good number of certified plasma donation centers in Houston. You need to search for a nearby site and contact the relevant authorities for questions. Each company or center operates differently but must adhere to the stipulated government guidelines.

Here is a list of plasma donation sites you can locate in Houston:

Biomat USA Houston-Little York330 West Little York Road

Houston, TX, 77076


Biomat USA Houston-West 3rd1223 West 43rd Street

Houston, TX, 77018


Biomat USA Houston- Bellfort8747 West Bellfort

Houston, TX, 77031


Biomat USA Houston-Monroe8537 Gulf Freeway

Houston, TX, 77017


How Much Do You Get Paid for Plasma in Houston?

The amount you earn from plasma donation varies from center to center and weight. However, on average, you can get paid up to $1100. Before presenting yourself for plasma donation at your preferred site, you must ask your center personnel or manager about their payments and promotions.

Things to Keep in Mind before Donating Plasma

Before Taking Part in a Plasma Donation:

  • Take plenty of water or juice the day preceding your donation,
  • You should have a healthy diet two hours before your donation visit
  • You should avoid high-fat foods
  • Avoid using tobacco before your donation activity
  • You should also avoid alcohol and caffeine before and on your donation
  • Avoid exhausting activities or exercise hours before donation
  • You should have enough sleep the day before your donation

After Participating in Plasma Donation:

  • You should drink lots of water to recover from the lost fluids.
  • Have a healthy meal after your visit
  • Avoid using tobacco within 30 minutes after your visit
  • Avoid exhausting duty or exercise for at least 24 hours after your donation

How to Donate Plasma on Your Own

Plasma donation can only be conducted in certified centers. Thus, if you want to donate plasma, first you need to find the best site in your area, then contact the management for other details like payments and promotions.

Searching for the nearby site is time-consuming while contacting center personnel is not that promising due to uncertainty and approval delays. DoNotpay solves your problem in 3 simple steps. Besides, it helps you know if you are eligible to donate plasma if you have diabetes or received the COVID-19 vaccine.

How to Use DoNotPay to Donate Plasma

Here's how you can use DoNotPay to become a plasma donor:

  1. Search "plasma donations" on DoNotPay and find the nearest donation clinic through our clinical trials product.

  2. Select the "Contact Now" button to learn more about eligibility criteria, contact the clinic with questions, or sign up for first-time donor bonuses.

  3. Verify your information and submit your inquiry! DoNotPay will contact the clinic on your behalf and make sure your questions get answered.

Why Use DoNotPay to Donate Plasma?

DoNotPay serves you best because it is:

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