All About Plasma Donation In Bakersfield

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How To Donate Plasma In Bakersfield

does a lot of good, more than you could imagine. It can help you save lives, especially people with chronic blood-related illnesses. At the same time, you can earn out of your plasma donation.

Unfortunately, plasma donation for cash isn't as easy as it sounds. You probably have to go through a rigorous eligibility process, make frequent visits to the local donation center, and even end up without getting paid as anticipated. You don't deserve this for a good course like plasma donation.

With , you can easily make your plasma donation and make a small fortune out of this. All you have to do is follow the steps below, and we'll help you make some money from your donation.

What Plasma Donation Is and Why You Should Do It

Before we learn about plasma donation, it's crucial to understand the definition of plasma. Plasma is the clear, straw-colored liquid of blood that remains once the white, red blood cells, and platelets have been removed. Plasma donation refers to the donation of plasma, similar to blood donation.

In plasma donation, blood is drawn out of a donor, taken through a machine that removes plasma from the blood. The device then returns the remaining components to your body.

There are numerous advantages of plasma donation.

  • Helps saves lives, especially patients who need plasma-derived biotherapies
  • Helps you make money
  • Boosts your mood through altruism or the concern for other people's well-being
  • Helps maintain a healthy diet through guidance towards healthy eating every time you make a donation
  • Reduce your cholesterol levels
  • Lowers your blood pressure

Eligibility Criteria of Plasma Donation in Bakersfield, CA

Most of California's eligibility requirements for plasma donation are similar to other states. Generally, you must meet the following criteria for a plasma donation process:

  1. Should be at least 18 years old
  2. Should weigh about 110 pounds or 50 Kgs
  3. Should go through a medical examination and pass
  4. Complete a thorough medical history screening
  5. Test negative for blood-transmissible viruses like HIV and hepatitis
  6. Follow a strict diet, including 50 to 80 grams of protein

Apart from the requirements provided above, you should consider the following before donating your plasma:

  • Remain fully hydrated by drinking plenty of juice and water
  • Notify the donation center about any recent surgery
  • Notify the donation center about any tattoo that you've obtained within the past year
  • Notify the donation center about any medication

What Can Disqualify You from Plasma Donation?

Even though almost anyone is eligible for plasma donation, several factors can disqualify you from donating plasma.

These factors are as follows:

  • Feeling unwell
  • Having productive cough or fever
  • Currently receiving antibiotics for an active infection
  • Medical conditions like HIV and hepatitis
  • Low iron or hemoglobin levels
  • Medication like blood transfusion or surgeries
  • Traveling to places known for Zika virus or ebola

How Many Times Can You Donate Plasma?

The frequency of donating your plasma depends on the donation program you're using. If you're donating plasma through the American Red Cross, you can only donate every 28 days, or a maximum of 13 times every year.

If you're donating plasma through private donation companies, they may allow you to donate plasma as many times as possible. Many plasma donation companies use a pay-per-donation system, which offers incentives for donors, prompting frequent donations.

Where Do You Donate Plasma in Bakersfield, CA?

You can donate plasma for money in Bakersfield, CA, in the following donation centers:

CenterAddressPhone Number
Biomat USA Bakersfield – Bernard246 Bernard Street Bakersfield, CA661-863-0621
Octapharma Plasma118 Oak Street

Bakersfield, CA


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