Finding Lost Pets in Orange County

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Easy Steps to Find Your Lost Pet in Orange County & How DoNotPay Can Help

It's always scary and overwhelming to lose a pet. All kinds of horrible thoughts flood your mind as you wonder if he/she is okay or warm or somewhere safe. Unfortunately, many people don't take the necessary measures to protect their pets from getting lost simply because they do not know. At any given time, there are hundreds of in shelters waiting for their owners to reclaim them.

An open door may go unnoticed, a window can be left open, or a gate may not be fully latched and a pet may wander out. There are so many scenarios that might result in losing your pet. The more challenging part is figuring out where to even begin to find your lost cat or lost dog.

If you believe your pet is lost, you must act fast. DoNotPay offers you a quicker, easier, and more successful way to recover your lost pet. Continue reading to find out how:

What to Do If You’ve Lost Your Pet

No matter its breed, even a well-trained and cared for . Even a neutered cat can run away or go out to play and get lost.

What you do after realizing that your pet is lost or missing will determine how quickly you can get him/her back. Here are some critical steps you should follow to try and get your pet back quickly:

  1. Contact Your Local Animal Shelters & Animal Control Agencies

Most times, lost pets in Orange County are picked up by animal control agencies and put in animal shelters. Make sure you file a lost pet report with all animal shelters within a 60-mile radius of the location your pet went missing and check in with your nearest animal shelters daily, if possible. You should also contact Orange County Animal Services:

Address2769 Conroy Road, Orlando, FL. 32839-2162
Phone Number(407) 836-3111
Operation HoursMon-Sat: 10a.m. - 6p.m. | Sun: 1p.m. - 5p.m.

If you believe your pet may have been stolen, you should contact the police and file a report.

  1. Advertise

Post notices at community centers, veterinary offices, grocery stores, traffic intersections, and other locations where you believe your pet might have wandered. If possible, you can place newspaper and radio advertisements for your missing pet.

  1. Search the Neighborhood

Oftentimes, lost pets don't wander out too far and are just somewhere nearby. Therefore, it's always a good idea to search your neighborhood thoroughly before extending your search.

  1. Don't Give Up Your Search

There have been many instances where pets lost for months, sometimes years, have been reunited with their owners. You'll have a much better chance of finding your pet if you continue with your search regularly.

  1. Be Cautious of Pet-Recovery Scams

You should particularly be wary when talking to strangers who claim to have seen your pet or have them. You must be especially cautious of people who insist you give them some monetary reward before they can return your pet. Most times, they're just scammers looking to benefit from your grief.

How to Avoid Losing Your Pet in Orange County

Losing a pet can be one of the most heartbreaking things, especially for families who have created very strong bonds with their pets. Nobody intends to lose their pets in Orange County, but when lost dogs or lost cats happen, it's usually because of some easily preventable oversights by their owners.

You might not mean it, but your pet can easily get out of your house in that one second you leave the front door open. This section provides you with easy steps to avoid losing your pets and keep them safe:

  • Don't leave your pet unsupervised
  • Secure your pet on a leash or a fenced yard
  • Neuter or spay your pet
  • Have your pet microchipped
  • Play phone tag
  • Train your pet
  • Get a license

While these strategies will protect your pet from getting lost or leasing your premises, they also help you find them quickly if they get lost.

How DoNotPay Can Help Find Your Lost Pet in Orange County

The Orange County lost pets report shows that you can lose a pet very quickly if you don't take the necessary precautions to secure them. However, knowing the appropriate steps to find your lost pet is what determines how quickly you find him/her.

Unfortunately, looking for your lost pet on your own can be quite hectic and time-consuming. You just never know where they might go or end up.

DoNotPay offers you a better solution to help you find your lost dog or cat quickly, easily, and successfully. You never have to visit every animal shelter or agency in your area searching for your lost pet again. DoNotPay does all the work for you, so you don't have to.

If you want to use the DoNotPay service to find your lost animal, then follow these three simple steps:

  1. Search "lost and found pets" on DoNotPay, and select whether you're reporting a lost pet or a pet you've found.

  2. Enter the date and location you lost or found the pet and tell us more about them, including the breed, gender, whether they are wearing a collar, approximate size, and more.

  3. Upload evidence a photo of the pet, so they can be identified, and enter your current contact information where you can be reached with updates.

DoNotPay files your lost pet report for you and ensures the report gets filed in the lost and found pets directory. The relevant agencies will then know who to contact when they find a lost animal that matches your pet's description.

Why Use DoNotPay to Find Your Lost Pets in Orange County

Besides offering you an increased chance of finding your lost pet, here are three other important reasons why you should use DoNotPay to help you find your pet:

  1. It is fast. You need to reach out to as many shelters and animal centers nearest you and DoNotPay can do that for you in less time.
  2. It is easy to use. You don’t have to repeatedly fill up tedious forms or make multiple calls to different shelters. You just have to answer three questions.
  3. It is very successful. With a quicker response, we have more chances of finding your lost pet in Orange County.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

DoNotPay offers other amazing services that you can benefit from as well. You can use the application to solve many daily life issues and keep your day running smoothly. Here are other great services you will find on the online platform:

DoNotPay offers you a better chance of finding your lost pet in Orange County without having to exhaust yourself looking from one animal shelter to the next. It is your go-to app to help you find your lost pet quickly and easily. Try DoNotPay today to increase your chances of finding your lost pet.

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