Get Help Finding Your Lost Dog in Maricopa County

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Recover a Lost Dog in Maricopa County

Maricopa County officials strive to cooperate with locals in. But the process isn't perfect, and sometimes your precious pet may end up in a stray hold if you can't claim it within 72 hours. Your missing cat may have been turned over to the local shelter.

Considering that only 23% of US pet owners actually reunite with their pets, it's important to follow the steps outlined by Maricopa County keenly if you want to recover your pet safely. Let's talk about how you can take advantage of the , and ways you can do it easier with DoNotPay.

What Do You Do If You Lose Your Dog?

To increase your chances of finding your furry friend, you should begin a search immediately after you discover that your pet is missing. Animals turned in with Maricopa County Animal Care and Control Center without any identification are placed inside an interactive map.

Here are the steps you can follow to find your missing pet in Maricopa County:

  1. Call your dog regularly and check their shelters for at least two days
  2. Print out a recent photo to create lost posters. Include your contact info, a color photo, and a possible reward for your pet finder
  3. Visit or call Maricopa County Animal Care and Control department to see if your pet was found
  4. Visit the stray animal interactive map and post a location where your dog was last seen
  5. Visit to see a listing of all pets found by Maricopa County Animal Care and Control
  6. Post fliers around the neighborhoods where the pet was lost
  7. Don't give up. Many pet owners eventually find their dogs when they constantly look in shelters

Here’s how you can reach out to the Maricopa County Animal Care and Control:

Address301 West Jefferson Street

Phoenix, Arizona 85003

Phone Number602-372-4598
Downloadable Flyers

There are five more animal shelters in Maricopa County and you might want to give them information on your dog to cover all your bases.

Do Lost Dogs Usually Get Found?

Your chances of finding a dog in the same neighborhood it was last seen are 90% or higher. And since the number of lost dogs has drastically reduced over the years, finding a lost dog is easier. According to a statistic by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, 93% of lost dogs reunite with their owners.

Only 6% of dogs are found in animal shelters, and if you tagged your animal well, your chances of recovering your pet are a lot higher. To find your pet faster, try and think about how it travels and where it might go if lost.

Can My Dog Find Its Way Home?

Due to their hypersensitivity to smell, dogs can backtrack their way home. They are smart, and they can catch the scent of a familiar dog, which can point them to a trash can, tree, or person they can follow. They also remember places and landmarks they've been to. So this might also help them get home.

What to Do If You Find a Lost Pet Dog

Once you see a lost dog, make sure that it's not a stray by trying to approach cautiously. If they're kind and hospitable, then they're most likely lost.

  1. Try to approach them nicely. You can offer treats and snacks in case they're hungry and confused. However, exercise care as some animals may become hostile
  2. Once they trust you, check for identification tags and the owner's contact information by the collar
  3. If you can't get close enough, call the animal care and control department and describe the pet
  4. Look around the neighborhood for posters or anyone who's looking for a dog you found
  5. Print your posters reporting that you've found the dog
  6. If an owner calls you, ask them to describe their dog first before handing it over
  7. Seek adoption measures if you can't find an owner after weeks or months of searching

Next Steps for Recovering a Lost Dog in Maricopa County If You Can’t Do It Yourself

Recovering a lost dog in Maricopa County can be difficult, especially if you traveled with your dog for a long distance. If you're struggling to find your lost dog in the county, you can consider using DoNotPay:

Here are steps you can follow while using DoNotPay to report lost and found pets:

  1. Search "lost and found pets" on DoNotPay, and select whether you're reporting a lost pet or a pet you've found.

  2. Enter the date and location you lost or found the pet and tell us more about them, including the breed, gender, whether they are wearing a collar, approximate size, and more.

  3. Upload evidence a photo of the pet, so they can be identified, and enter your current contact information where you can be reached with updates.

And that's it! DoNotPay will file the report on your behalf, and make sure your lost or found pet gets recorded in the government directory and they know who to contact if they find a match!

DoNotPay Works across All Counties with the Click of a Button

With the click of a button, you can now report your lost pet without having to visit your local county animal shelters and control centers. DoNotPay is swift and easy to use. No matter which county your animal was last seen lingering in, you can file a report quickly without having to travel.

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