How to Apply for Low-Income Housing In Rochester, NY Online

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How to Apply for Low-Income Housing In Rochester, NY Online

Not everyone is ready or able to purchase a home. For many of us, renting may be the only reasonable option and yet rental prices are high in today's world. In Scottsdale, Arizona rental costs recently increased 23% compared to the previous year. The United States government does provide some relief if you qualify for it. It provides financial housing assistance through the Housing Choice Voucher Program, formerly known as "Section 8." Attempting to research this program, navigate its required steps, and apply for help can be quite complicated – we offer a very simple, automated way to apply for for you.

Who Can Take Advantage of This Program in Rochester?

The Rochester Housing Authority (RHA) determines who is eligible, and there are different rules and criteria that must be met. One important factor is family size and total gross income per year. To be eligible for , a family's income cannot be higher than the median income within the Rochester vicinity.

Eligible families must also be US citizens or belong to specified categories of non-citizens who have eligible immigration status. In addition, the RHA considers the previous Housing Choice Voucher history of any adult person in the family and criminal background.

What Are the Specific Income Limits in Rochester, NY?

Maximum gross income limits are based on the number of people residing in the unit.

1 person$44,950
2 people$51,350
3 people$57,750
4 people$64,150
5 people$69,300
6 people$74,450
7 people$79,550
8 or more people$84,700

Who Pays for the Program?

The Housing Choice Voucher program is administered by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development through Local Public Housing Agencies (PHAs).

PHAs are organizations that have been given authority under local state law to develop or operate housing assistance programs. They apply to HUD to receive funding from the program in order to give vouchers to approved applicants in their area.

How Do I Apply for Help?

Be aware that demand for financial housing assistance is always very high and government money is not unlimited. Local PHAs may have to suspend voucher assistance for certain periods of time. To apply, contact an RHA Housing Specialist by calling the customer service hotline or you may also contact representatives at these numbers for additional information:

RHA Housing Specialist(585) 697-6120
Public Housing(585) 235-0447
Section 8 / Leasing Operations(585) 697-6105

If Approved, How Does a Family Find a Place to Rent?

The approved family must locate a rental unit that suits their needs. After the desired rental has been found:

  1. The unit must be shown to meet the program's quality standards.
  2. The rental cost must be deemed reasonable by the PHA.
  3. The unit must meet other requirements as dictated by the PHA.
  4. If approved, the PHA executes a Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) contract with the owner of the rental unit.
  5. The PHA will then make subsidy payments on behalf of the family – this will be the difference between what the family pays and the rental cost.
  6. Should the family relocate, the contract terminates and the family may continue to receive assistance at a different approved unit.

Are There Other Housing Assistance Programs in Rochester?

There are additional programs available – click any link below for details:

It Sounds Tricky – Is There an Easier Solution?

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How to Apply for Low-Income Housing in Rochester With DoNotPay

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