How to Find and Return Lost Pets of Amarillo

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Do You Need Help With a Lost Pet in Amarillo?

A Joy Organics CBD study revealed that Texas is among the most pet-friendly states in America. Sadly, approximately 10 million pets go missing annually from American homes. Fortunately, most of them end up in animal shelters and the hands of pet organizations. DoNotPay can help you .

For most Texans, losing a beloved pet is saddening and distressing. The bond between you and your pet is strong. That's why the pain of losing the pet might be unbearable, and you or another pet owner might need counseling after the loss of their pet. Most importantly, you should begin the search right away.

But, there's more information surrounding lost and found pets in Amarillo, and DoNotPay has some of that for you.

How to Report Your Lost Pet to Amarillo Animal Control/Animal Shelter

The moment you discover your pet is missing, don't dally. Instead, contact the necessary parties.

You can report your lost pet through:

In-Person VisitVisit the Amarillo Animal Shelter
OnlineVisit the website. Explain and leave a detailed description, attach a most recent photo, and your updated contact info.
MailMail to P.O. Box 19862, Amarillo, TX, 79114
Phone(806) 680-3610

What to Do if You Lose Your Pet in Amarillo and Retrieve Them on Your Own

Animal shelters can take in lost pets,but staff is only human. You can't wait around to receive a call from them about your lost pet. When you lose your pet, ensure you begin the retrieval process immediately to increase the chances of getting the pet unharmed.

So, when you lose your pet you should:

  1. Mobilize a search party with friends, family, and neighbors immediately.
  2. Conduct a thorough search through your property, and two-block radius as most lost and scared pets rarely go beyond that distance.
  3. If your pet has a microchip, get in touch with your microchip provider to update your contact info. You can also request them to search for the microchip signal.
  4. Notify and check the city of Amarillo Animal Management and Welfare animal shelter and website among the lost and found strays.
  5. Notify the city of Amarillo police department if you suspect your pet was stolen.
  6. Notify all animal rescue shelters, pet welfare groups, and vet clinics within a 60-mile radius. Give them a detailed description of your dog and contact info.
  7. Hand out flyers and posters throughout the neighborhood. Attach a detailed description of your pet and include a current photo.
  8. Utilize online sites such as social media platforms and groups such as Craigslist Amarillo lost pets, PawBoost, next door, Pet FBI, and your local dailies.
  9. Understand how lost pets behave by visiting the Missing Animal Response Network.
  10. Pass on the information to your neighbors and friends about your missing pet.
  11. Whatever you do, don't give up the search and hope you'll find the pet.

Keep in mind that the steps you take can make all the difference. Ensure you notify every party helping you with the search not to chase your pet after they spot it. Instead, they should inform you so your voice can calm and attract the lost pet.

How to Avoid Losing Your Pet

Whether a cat, dog, peacock, pig, or tiger, the pain of losing your pet can destabilize your mental state. While animal control will play a significant role in reuniting you with your lost pet, preventing your pet from getting lost should be your responsibility. To achieve this:

  1. Show them unconditional love and affection
  2. Ensureyour pet always wears a collar (indoors or outdoors) containing a current I.D. tag, vaccination tag (where applicable), and city of Amarillo animal license. Ensure the I.D. tag contains your current contact info and address.
  3. Microchip your pet to make it easy to trace when they get lost. Ensure the chip contains your pet's name, description, and updated contact info.
  4. Secure your home with a high and firm fence to lower the chances of the pets jumping over the fence.
  5. In your absence, ensure the pet is secure inside the house.
  6. Maintain their wellbeing by providing a clean and comfortable shelter and general environment, feeding them quality meals as necessary, regular exercises, play dates and walks, and vaccinations as required.
  7. Watch out for any changes in their behavior and mood
  8. Neuter and spay the pet (where applicable) to neutralize the instincts that might cause them to run away.
  9. Provide training to boost communication between you and your pet. You can also learn about your pet's behaviors through the training exercises.

What to Do if You Find Missing Pets in Amarillo?

On some occasions, you might spot a lost or stray pet. As a Good Samaritan, you can play a role in ensuring the pet is reunited with its rightful owner or finds a great adoptive family.

After securing the pet (if you can), here is what you can do next:

  • Contact the city of Amarillo Animal Management and Welfare by either calling the on (806) 378-3000/ (806) 378-9032, sending them an email, or bringing the pet to their animal shelter.
  • Contact animal rescues, groomers, pet supply stores, the police in case the pet was reported stolen, and vet clinics where they can read the microchip info and contact the pet owners.
  • Circulate flyers and posters showing the found pet in the neighborhoods. Attach a detailed description, photograph, and your updated contact info.
  • Post the pets on as many online platforms as possible. Maybe the owner is looking for a pet there.
  • Go door-to-door in search of the pet's owner
  • Don't give up looking for the pet's owner. If they love the pet as much as you love yours, you are the missing link to a beautiful reunion.

Use DoNotPay to Report Lost and Found Pets

With DoNotPay, you can rest assured your message will reach its destination.

We can help you with these easy steps:

  1. Search "lost and found pets" on DoNotPay, and select whether you're reporting a lost pet or a pet you've found.

  2. Enter the date and location you lost or found the pet and tell us more about them, including the breed, gender, whether they are wearing a collar, approximate size, and more.

  3. Upload evidence a photo of the pet, so they can be identified, and enter your current contact information where you can be reached with updates.

And that's it! DoNotPay will file a report for you and make sure your lost or found pet gets recorded in government directories so authorities know whom to contact if they find a match.

Why Use DoNotPay to Report Lost Pets in Amarillo

There are countless animal shelters, animal control officers, vets and groomers in Amarillo. It can be hard to get a lost pet’s information everywhere. That's where DoNotPay comes in to help. Our platform is:

  • Fast—You don't have to spend hours creating lost/found pet reports
  • Easy—You don't have to struggle to fill out tedious forms or keep track of all the entities you’ve contacted about a missing pet
  • Successful—DoNotPay has a terrific record for reuniting lost pets with their owners.

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