How to Secure a Table at Jeju Noodle Bar

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How to Secure Reservation at Jeju Noodle Bar

Jeju Noodle Bar focuses on Korean flavors, giving the diners an experience of a lifetime. Chef Douglas ensures that the ingredients are carefully selected and then uses different techniques to maintain the Korean flavor.

operates under a reservations-only method for all the guests such that you must have a reserved slot before you enter the restaurant. You'll also need to provide the valid credit card information to confirm your reservation.

While you can easily submit your valid credit card for the reservation, you run the risk of getting hidden charges on your credit card without your knowledge. To avoid that, DoNotPay has a Burner Credit Card for Reservation product that can help you confirm your reservation without the need for your actual credit card.

What Is Jeju Noodle Bar?

Jeju is a Korean term that means skill and ability. opened its doors in 2017 to allow customers to access the traditional Korean Ramyun easily and casually. The Ramyun has deep Korean history and is usually enjoyed by people of any class and age.

When the owner, Chef Douglas, completed his studies, he embarked on a hands-on learning journey on the restaurant experience. After his return, he established the Jeju Noodle Bar as a place where Korean food lovers would enjoy the best of Korean cuisine. So far, the restaurant has earned the coveted Michelin star and is now the only noodles restaurant to get it.

Does Jeju Noodle Bar Take Reservations?

Yes. Jeju Noodle Bar takes reservations for small groups and large groups for any occasion. Even though the restaurant accepted walk-ins in the past, it is now focusing on reservations only because of the influx of customers.

The restaurant has some requirements for all its customers. They include:

  • All the guests must be vaccinated against COVID-19 and must show a vaccine card, a photo of the vaccine card, or your NYS Excelsior Pass.
  • All parties have a 1-hour 45-minute dining experience in the indoor and outdoor areas depending on the weather.
  • The restaurant cannot accommodate vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, no seafood, no meat, and no allium requests at the moment.
  • Reservations are accepted for up to four people. If your party has more than four people, you can send an email to to complete your reservation.

If you are planning to cancel your reservation at Jeju Noodle Bar restaurant, ensure that you do so at least 24 hours before your reservation time. Jeju Noodle Bar will charge $50 on your credit card for late cancellations or no-shows for the reservation.

How to Make a Reservation at Jeju Noodle Bar

Jeju Noodle Bar accepts reservations made on Resy for small parties and emails for larger parties of five or more people. Here's what to do to make a reservation at Jeju Noodle Bar.

  1. Go to Jeju Noodle Bar's page on Resy.
  2. Choose the date and enter the number of people to find a table for you.
  3. Enter your credit card information to confirm your reservation.

The restaurant opens from Wednesday to Sunday and remains closed on Monday and Tuesday. That means you can only reserve a spot within the open days.

How to Secure a Reservation at Jeju Noodle Bar without a Credit Card

Whether you are afraid that your credit card information may not be safe or are trying to avoid any unnecessary charges to your card, you can always find ways to make a reservation without a credit card. Jeju Noodle Bar requires a credit card to process payments faster and charge guests who do not show up for their reservations.

To avoid that, you can use other card alternatives like using an expired credit card or a valid virtual card for the reservations. Better still, you can choose to have your party at a restaurant with fewer requirements for the reservations.

How to Secure a Reservation at Jeju Noodle Bar Without a Credit Card With the Help of DoNotPay

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