Is It OK to Negotiate Salary Over Email

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Is It OK to Negotiate Salary Over Email?

One of the most important aspects of any job is the compensation you receive for performing your job to the best of your ability. Your salary is what enables you to feed your family, keep a roof over your head, and make sure all of your bills are paid. Knowing how to best communicate your needs, and which method of communication you may want to employ to express your needs, can often be confusing. One of the main questions, when it comes to salary negotiations is regarding email and the appropriateness of email when requesting a raise.

This is where DoNotPay comes in. Whether you are negotiating a raise on the salary you already have, or you have been offered a new job and are eager to put together a strong salary compensation plan. DoNotPay can help you to negotiate the best salary possible, especially .

How Often Should You Get a Raise or Increase Your Salary?

Timing is everything, as the adage goes, and never is this more true than when you are considering negotiating for a raise. Whether the raise is regarding the current salary you are earning, or whether it is regarding a new role you are potentially considering, knowing how and when to enter into salary discussions can make the difference between a successful raise and being financially stuck where you are. Not to worry, however, DoNotPay can help. DoNotPay can help you to create a productive that helps open the door to communication with your hiring manager by utilizing the following techniques:

  1. Reference potential other companies/career paths you may be interested in that are serious options.
  2. Have researched and documented information regarding the average salary for that position.
  3. If you are moving out of state and will be moving locations, explore the possibility of moving expenses being included in your initial paycheck or some kind of compensation for the move.
  4. Be sure to highlight your special skills, talents, and any positive qualities you are bringing to the table.

DoNotPay can help you to compose the perfect salary negotiation letter for your employer, sure to open a positive channel of communication and move you closer to receiving the raise in compensation that you have been dreaming about.

How Can You Utilize Email to Negotiate a Better Salary?

Email is, in fact, a valuable tool when requesting and negotiating a better salary. Email allows you to have a quick and positive response time, while also allowing you the opportunity to think through your response and craft the most appropriate and effective response possible. Below are some steps that will help you to negotiate for a better salary via email:

Thank your employer for the offer Whether the offer comes from your current employer or a new company entirely, it's always good to take the time to thank them for their consideration and their offer.
Layout the terms of your counterofferAre there things you would like to include or remove from the offer you received? This is a great time to think those through and put them in writing so that your requests are clear, organized, and concise.
Make sure to have a backup for your statementsIf you state any facts, or utilize any information regarding the average salary for your position, be sure to have done the research and have the data to back yourself up.
Craft an email that is clear and conciseCommunicate your stance on the salary offered, what you would like, and what you would consider.

DoNotPay can help you to create the ideal email to communicate your hopes and dreams, not only for the position you are applying for but also for the salary requests you are extending for their consideration.

Negotiate Your Salary Over Email With DoNotPay

Salary negotiations occur over various forms, including email. Salary negotiations that occur over email allow you advantages including quick responses, your response and requests in writing, and the opportunity to carefully create your response. That being said, it can still be very difficult to craft an email that is positive, productive, and accurately communicative of your salary requests.

In addition, it can be hard to communicate tone in an email if you are not versed in using vocabulary that utilizes the most professional and appropriate tone. This is coupled with the fact that people tend to send emails without editing them for proper grammar. Incorrect grammar makes a poor impression and can make the difference between getting a salary increase and staying stuck in your current pay range. Not to worry, however, DoNotPay can help you to create the perfect email to effectively and effortlessly express your salary request.

  1. Search "negotiate my salary" on DoNotPay.

  2. Enter the name of your company and the industry you work in, so we can find the right wage statistics for your role.

  3. Answer a series of questions regarding your qualifications and achievements, relocation expenses, and other job offers if applicable.

  4. Enter the new base salary you would like to request.

You don't need to spend hours trying to craft the ideal email for your salary negotiations. DoNotPay can help you to create the perfect email that will help you clearly and concisely, and more importantly, effectively communicate your salary requests. DoNotPay can help you as well with:

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

DoNotPay can help you with more than just salary negotiations. DoNotPay can help you handle many types of challenges by helping you to identify and implement solutions to help you conquer any issue you are facing. For example, DoNotPay can help you with the following issues:

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