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Request & Get Section 8 from Hialeah Housing Authority Quickly

When you find yourself dealing with low-income concerns, housing can top your priority list. In Hialeah, Florida, the Hialeah Housing Authority helps provide financial assistance to local area residents who may find themselves dealing with serious financial concerns that could prevent them from securing housing through other means.

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What Programs Does the Hialeah Housing Authority Offer?

The offers several housing programs to help Hialeah residents with low-income housing options.

1. Housing Choice Voucher, Also Known as Section 8

Section 8, also known as the Housing Choice Voucher program, offers families the option to choose their housing location as long as it is within the area covered by the Hialeah housing authority. The landlord will accept those vouchers. Members in the Section 8 program will spend no more than 30-40% of their income on rent, freeing up income for other purposes and making their rent more affordable.

2. Public Housing

In Hialeah, there are 12 public housing sites. Residents may pay approximately 30% of their household income toward rent in these public housing apartments, or they may pay a flat rate assigned to each apartment.

3. Affordable Housing

The Affordable Housing option in Hialeah offers multiple units available to families, primarily one and 2-bedroom units. These apartments are often less expensive than traditional options, making them affordable for families struggling with their finances.

Who Is Eligible for Section 8 Housing?

Several factors determine whether or not you are eligible for Section 8 housing:

Income eligibilityYou are making at or below the posted poverty line in your state. You are considered at the lowest income level if your family brings in only 30 percent or less of the average income in your area. You are still considered meager income if you only bring in 50 percent of that income and low income for 80 percent.
Age eligibilityIf you are above a certain age and still do not have enough income, you may qualify for Section 8 housing. Depending on a fixed income, 65 and older could find themselves meeting these requirements.
Disability EligibilityIf you have been deemed disabled and unable to work, you are eligible for assistance, even as the head of household.

How Do I Qualify for Housing Assistance Through the Hialeah Housing Authority?

The specific requirements you must meet to receive assistance through the Hialeah Housing authority may depend on the particular program you plan to apply for. However, the general requirements for public housing and Section 8 housing assistance available through the Hialeah Housing Authority include:

  • Meet Miami-Dade County, Florida income requirements. The median income is approximately $59,100 for a family. Low income is considered 80% of the median, deficient 50% of the median, and meager 30%.
  • Have your criminal history checked. You can be denied for crimes like current drug use or sex offenses.
  • Be a resident of the United States or a qualified immigrant.

Past applicants to the program who have been removed from the program for any reason may have their future applications denied. Furthermore, the HHA may take a look at applicants' rental histories to determine whether they have been evicted in the past for any reason.

How Do I Apply for Housing Assistance Through the Hialeah Housing Authority?

Housing assistance applications are not always open through the HHA. You may have to wait for specific eligibility periods to apply. You can find available application periods on the Hialeah Housing Authority website. Then, you may need to:

  • Fill out your application. Make sure you have all relevant information, including copies of any information like birth certificates or social security cards that you may need to provide.
  • Submit the application.
  • Wait to find out of your pre-application was approved and placed on the waiting list. Not all applicants will be approved. Elderly and homeless families and chronically homeless families may have a better chance of selecting their applications.
  • If you are approved for Section 8 vouchers, you may need to find a landlord that will accept those vouchers.
  • Wait until your time on the waiting list ends. Time may vary depending on family size, whether you have any qualifying factors that move you up on the list, and how many families currently need that assistance.

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