Everything You Need To Know About Facebook Copyright

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The Essentials of Facebook Copyright

When you get familiar with copyright laws, you will see that you should be careful when posting other people’s work on Facebook. Digital files such as photos, songs, and videos have the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) protection, which means that you can’t share and copy digital files without the copyright owner’s permission. Otherwise, you risk being accused of copyright infringement.

If you want to use Facebook safely, you should get familiar with how copyright works on Facebook to protect your copyrights and avoid violating copyright laws.

What Is Facebook’s Copyright Policy?

Copyright gives you the opportunity to protect your work from being misused by others. When you create an original work, you automatically get copyrights to it, which makes you the only one who can copy, distribute, display, and give permission to others to use your creation. If someone uses extracts or the whole of your work in their Facebook posts without your permission, you can report copyright infringement.

Copyrights can relate to different kinds of works such as books, videos, movies, TV shows, photographs, video games, songs, audio voice recordings, to name but a few.

When posting on Facebook, people don't necessarily understand what they can own the copyright to. You should know that you don’t necessarily have the copyright to:

  • Photos or videos you appear in
  • Photos of paintings, sculptures, landmarks, or other subjects—other people might take pictures of those too
  • Work that you did as a part of the job at your company—your employer might own the copyrights to it

You should also know that you don’t lose your copyrights when you post your work on Facebook, but the company will ask you to give them a license to use your content.

Does Your Post Fall Under Facebook Copyright Infringement?

When you post something on Facebook that is not your original work, and you don’t have the author’s permission to copy it, you should know that you can easily get an infringement penalty. This issue may happen even if you give credits to the author, write a disclaimer that says you had no intentions of infringing, don’t want to monetize your post, modify the content, or think it falls in the domain of fair use.

What Happens When You Infringe Somebody’s Copyrights on Facebook?

If somebody files a copyright claim against you, Facebook will delete your post and send you an email and notification about it. Here are the steps you can take if this happens:

  1. You can use the information from Facebook’s email to get in touch with the copyright owner to resolve the issue
  2. You can appeal their decision—contact Facebook using the instructions they include in the removal email or file a counter-notification if they have deleted your post because of a DMCA notice

Facebook also has the Repeat Infringer Policy, which allows the company to limit some features or disable your profile, page, or group in case you violate copyright policy frequently.

If you don’t want to end up with an infringement penalty on Facebook, avoid posting content you didn’t create or ask the author for permission to use the content he or she created.

How To Report Copyright Infringement on Facebook

If you believe someone stole your work and posted it on Facebook, you have several ways to deal with it:

  1. Report it to Facebook
  2. Contact Facebook’s DMCA Agent
  3. Contact the person who infringed on your copyright

How To File a Copyright Claim on Facebook

If someone infringed on your copyright on Facebook, you can report it by following these steps:

  1. Open the Facebook Copyright Form
  2. Select what kind of copyright issue you have
  3. Choose Continue with my copyright report
  4. Give your contact details
  5. Explain which content you want to report
  6. Provide your original copyright-protected work
  7. Confirm the declaration statement by selecting Yes
  8. Click on Submit

Bear in mind that when you make a copyright claim on Facebook, the person who you accuse of infringement will get your contact details.

How To Get in Touch With Facebook’s DMCA Agent

You can reach Facebook’s DMCA agent in the following ways:






Facebook, Inc.

Attn: Facebook Designated Agent

1601 Willow Road

Menlo Park, California 94025

Resolve Copyright Infringement by Contacting the Person Who Committed It

You can contact the person who posted the infringing content and make a deal with him or her.

Have You Changed Your Mind? Learn How To Withdraw the Facebook Copyright Report

Sometimes you can make a deal with the person you believe infringed your copyrights and want to take back your report. If you made a copyright report by mistake, you can withdraw it by sending an email to ip@fb.com. You should include your original report number and explain that you want to give up on your copyright report.

Other Ways Facebook Protects Your Copyrights

Besides several options for reporting copyright infringement, Facebook has two other ways that save your work from copyright infringement:

What Is Audible Magic?

Audible Magic allows you to fingerprint your work for copyright purposes so that nobody can misuse your original content on Facebook. Whenever someone posts a media file on Facebook that triggers a match on Audible Magic, Facebook won’t allow the upload. This way, you will prevent others from stealing your copyrighted work and posting it on Facebook without your permission.

What Is Facebook’s Rights Manager?

Facebook developed the Rights Manager feature that helps the platform’s users to easily monitor their content. This feature allows you to block videos, claim ad earnings, add banners to videos, and most importantly, report copyright infringement.

File a DMCA Notice Fast and Easy With DoNotPay

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