What You Need to Know About Animal Control in Tulsa

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Animal Control Tulsa: Use DoNotPay to File Complaints and Demand Letters

The is charged with animal control. Tulsa animal control officers enforce the City of Tulsa's Animal Code under Title Two of the Revised Ordinances, including requirements for city licensing, sterilization, rabies vaccination, and animal injuries.

Residents and pet owners need to understand their community's animal control. For example, if you suffer a Tulsa Animal attack, such as a dog bite, you should immediately report the incident to . Additionally, you can opt to file a demand letter with the owner if you know them or send demand letters to for a dog bite to recover damages. Unfortunately, this process is complicated and time-consuming.

However, you could use DoNotPay to report the incident to TAW or file a demand letter with the owner. DoNotPay is an easier and more convenient option because it's hassle-free. You need to log in, fill in some details, and leave the rest to the app. DoNotPay operates across different agencies, corporations, and jurisdictions like California, Ohio, Texas, Pennsylvania, Los Angeles, Miami, and Atlanta.

About City of Tulsa Animal Welfare (TAW)

Tulsa Animal Welfare offers several animal control and care services. It provides a safe place for lost pets, strays, and animals that residents turn in for shelter. It also runs an adoption program for pets unclaimed for more than three business days, animals turned in by owners, and neutered and vaccinated strays.

Animal Control officers also enforce animal control ordinances in the city found in the Revised Ordinances of Tulsa City under Title 2. The Animal Code ordinances include requirements for the following:

  • Rabies vaccination
  • City licensing of cats, dogs, and other pets
  • Sterilization

Other services that TAW offers include:

  • Investigating animal abuse and cruelty allegations
  • Providing animal-control education and information
  • Answering animal control questions
  • Managing donations and volunteer programs

Tulsa Animal Welfare Location, Hours, and Contact Details

TAW operates in the city of Tulsa. Below is its contact information:

Address3031 N. Erie, Tulsa, OK 74115-2805
Phone(918) 596-8000 (Main), (918) 596-7387 (pet diversion specialist), (918) 596-9222 (police non-emergency)
Fax(918) 669-6273
FacebookTulsa Animal Welfare Pets

The operating hours are noon to 6:00 p.m. every day (Monday to Sunday). The Animal Control is closed on city holidays. In addition:

  • Adoptions are by appointment only
  • After hours, TAW runs a police non-emergency hotline to report animal bites, abuse, injuries, and livestock on the streets
  • Animal Welfare Officers' service hours are weekdays from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • Shelter operating hours for the public are on weekdays from noon to 6:00 p.m. and Saturdays from noon to 4:00 p.m.

Tulsa Dog Bite Laws

Tulsa, Oklahoma, follows the state's "strict liability" law when dealing with animal bite cases. It means the owner is liable for injuries their dog inflicted. Victims need not prove that the owner was negligent in handling the animal to succeed in their case. They can recover damages like:

  1. Medical expenses.
  2. Medically-related transport costs.
  3. Loss of income.
  4. Future medical costs for surgery (including cosmetic surgery for scars).
  5. Counseling expenses.
  6. Defensive measures such as erecting a fence.
  7. Humiliation due to scarring.
  8. Pain and treatment.
  9. Psychological suffering.
  10. Diminished quality of life due to a disability.

What Do I Do After a Tulsa Animal Injury?

Tulsa Animal Welfare advises residents to report animal injuries immediately and handles all injuries occurring in the city. It dispatches animal welfare officers to pick up the animal and complete a bite report. Animal Welfare impounds offending animals under observation for rabies for ten days, while those held at approved veterinary hospitals are at the owners' expense.

The Oklahoma State Department of Health advises residents to report all animal-related injuries and ensure the animal doesn't have rabies. You can file a complaint with Tulsa Animal Control (primary call) or the local county health department. If the injury is severe, it's best to see a physician first before filing a complaint.

Next Steps for City of Tulsa Animal Control If You Cannot DIY

As a victim of an animal bite or other injury, you can choose to contact the owner directly to request compensation for your damages suffered. Alternatively, you could file a complaint to the Tulsa Animal Welfare and have them pick up and impound the animal.

In both instances, you will need details of:

  • The incident such as where, when, and how it occurred
  • Injury details
  • Medical treatment and costs
  • Animal description
  • Photo evidence
  • Witness accounts

How to Report a Tulsa Animal Control Incident on DoNotPay

The process of filing an animal control compliant with TAW or a demand letter with the owner is long and demanding. It also requires you to constantly follow up with the matter or hire a dog bite lawyer to push things along.

However, DoNotPay is a faster option for filing a demand letter or report. You log into the app, enter the details described below, and wait for the outcome. The details are:

  1. Opening the app, searching for "Animal," finding the animal control product option, and selecting animal-related injury.

  2. Choosing to either report the incident to Tulsa Animal Welfare or filing a demand letter to seek compensation.

  3. Giving enough details about the incident, including a detailed description of the offending animal and its owner if available.

DoNotPay uses artificial intelligence to help users fight battles. It allows users to file a complaint with the relevant government agency or a demand letter of compensation with the owner for animal control issues. It levels the playing field, and it's easy, fast, and convenient to use.

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