How to Report a Dog Bite With Animal Control in Brownsville, TX

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How to Contact Brownsville, TX Animal Control

is a division of the Brownsville Police Department. Brownsville Animal Control handles a variety of animal-related issues and tasks, including pet adoptions, lost pets, microchipping, and animal ordinances in addition to animal control.

If you have a concern that is relevant to this division, you can reach out to Brownsville Animal Control for help. Occasionally though, the process isn't as simple as you might hope, and you might seek backup from someone such as a lawyer knowledgeable about dog bites. The good news is, now you have such an advocate: DoNotPay.

Brownsville Animal Control Location, Hours, and Contact Details

Here are the various ways in which you can reach Brownsville Animal Control:

Address416 FM 511 in Brownsville, TX

To go to the shelter in person, take the FM 511 (Port of Brownsville) exit and head East on FM 511. Watch for the green street sign that says "Brownsville Animal Shelter.," then turn right on Baker Lane. At the stop take a left. The shelter will be on your right.

Phone Number(956) 544-7351 › Animal-Control
HoursMonday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Adoption hours are Monday through Friday from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

What Services Does Brownsville Animal Control Offer?

Brownsville offers numerous services related to animal control. Some examples of situations in which will get involved include:

  • Recent impounded animals
  • Stray animals
  • Deceased animals
  • Violations of City ordinance pertaining to animals
  • Reporting animal cruelty
  • Animal bites
  • Animal nuisances
  • Farm animals inside city limits

Brownsville, TX Animal Ordinances

Brownsville has several ordinances related to animals that you need to be aware of. While the details are too lengthy to go into here, here are the basics of some of the most important ones.

  1. Sec. 10-1004. - Vicious animals.

(a) A vicious animal means any animal that commits an unprovoked attack or that threatens to attack or terrorize a person or an owner on public property or in a public place.

(c) No person shall own or harbor a vicious animal within the city. Such an animal shall be impounded as a public nuisance.

  1. Sec. 10-1062. - Keeping nuisance animals.

"The keeping of any animal within the city or in a territory outside the city limits adjacent thereto and within 5,000 feet thereof in such manner or under such conditions as to cause a hazard or danger to the public health or which produce noxious odors or disturbing noises or discomfort or annoyance to persons of ordinary sensibilities in the immediate vicinity thereof is declared to be a nuisance and is prohibited."

  1. Sec. 10-1091. - Running at large.

"(a ) It shall be unlawful for any person owning a dog or other pet animal, other than a cat, to permit such animal to run at large."

  1. Sec. 10-1161. - Duty to report animal bites.

"Any person having knowledge that an animal has bitten a human shall immediately report the incident to the public health director, an animal control officer, the state department of health, or his private veterinarian. Every physician or other medical practitioner who treats a person for such bite shall, within 12 hours, report such treatment to the public health director, to the animal control officer, or the state department of health, giving the name, age, sex, and precise location of the bitten person and such other information as the officer or agency may require."

What Do I Do If I've Been Bitten By an Animal in Brownsville?

If you have been bitten by an animal in Brownsville, you'll need to report the incident following the instructions in the above ordinance, "Duty to report animal bites." This means that you should report the bite to any of the following:

  • A physician who has treated you
  • The Public Health Director
  • A veterinarian
  • The animal control officer
  • The Texas Department of Public Health

How to Report Dog Bites in Brownsville on Your Own

Once you have made the dog bite report to any of the above-mentioned officials, there are other routes you may wish to pursue as well to deal with the aftermath of the incident.

For example, you could:

  • Speak with the owner to solicit compensation for medical treatment you received
  • Seek to cover your expenses in small claims court
  • Send Demand Letters To for damages for your dog bite

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