When Does the Clock Start for 83(b) Election?

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When Does the Clock Start for 83(b) Election?

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Answering Your Questions About 83(b) Election Start Times by Yourself

You have probably realized by now that finding solutions to your 83(b) election issue is tough at best. You can get 10 different answers from 10 different sources, and it doesn't take long for confusion and frustration to take over. Wondering about when the clock starts on your 83(b) election is no different.

The Function of Your 83(b) Election

By definition, your 83(b) election is to make the grant date, (the date you received the shares in your company) the relevant date not the vesting date. That is to say that you will have some taxable income on the grant date based on the fair market value of the shares.

Section 83 from the IRS governs the time and amount of taxable income you must pay when your company shares become fully vested.

So, What is The Start Time of an 83(b) Election?

The clock actually begins ticking on the date that you receive the shares as a part of your compensation package from your employer. The paperwork you file with the IRS must be postmarked of the date you received the restricted shares or the shares that are not fully vested.

The following are the only exceptions to that 30-day rule:

  • Serving in the armed forces
  • Providing support to the armed services in a combat zone
  • Affected by a presidentially declared natural disaster
  • Affected by military or terrorist actions

Another thing to keep in mind is the way your 30-day period is calculated.

It is counted as 30 days, including weekends and holidays, from the day after the shares were transferred to you.

So far, you may be confused about:

  • When the 83(b) election begins
  • If you owe any taxes based on the fair market price of the shares
  • How the IRS determines the start date of your 83(b) election
  • How the days are counted in your 30-day period

There is a much better way to get information about when the clock starts on your 83(b) election. Let's begin by showing you the best way to go about filing an 83(b) election.

The Best Way to File Your 83(b) Election

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How to Use DoNotPay for 83(b) Election Information

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Why You Should Use DoNotPay

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What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

Letting DoNotPay handle your 83(b) election issues the day you receive your shares or the next day is by far the best way to ease your worries about the clock starting.

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