Dentist Price Gouging? Here’s What You Can Do About It

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What Can I Do About a Dentist Who Is Price Gouging?

In business, price increases are a common occurrence, more prevalent during crises like floods, bush fires, earthquakes, storms, pandemics, etc. During this time, you may notice an unusual increase in the price of essential goods. Such increases are due to the high costs that traders incur as they supply the goods and the forces of supply and demand. These acts might not amount to .

However, there are instances where vendors and others take advantage of demand surges and charge extravagant rates for necessities, usually following a natural disaster or state of emergency. is the term for this. While historically widespread in other industries, the practice has recently increased in dentistry.

Regarding dentistry, most people ask this thought-provoking question: What can I do about a dentist who is price gouging? This guide will probe the issue of price gouging in dentistry and the newly found solution - DoNotPay.

What Qualifies as Price Gouging?

Price gouging is a violation in most states, described as unfair or deceptive trade practices. Many states impose civil penalties, enforced by the state attorney general. Others impose criminal penalties for price-gouging offenses.

When firms raise prices to unjustified levels, this is known as price gouging. Unfortunately, there is no set definition of what constitutes price gouging, although can be a widespread occurrence.

Excessive or unconscionable pricing is usually assessed by examining typical prices in the affected area during a specific look-back period before the emergency. For example, they may check prices over the previous six months to see if they are 10 or 15% higher. Check your state's price gouging threshold to see if price gouging has happened. Among the significant necessities, the law usually covers lodging, food and drink, and emergency supplies.

How Do You Spot Price Gouging in Dentistry?

In dentistry, there is an unseen problem in which some dentists use creative diagnoses to conduct needless work just to make more money. While there is no evidence of how frequently this occurs, it is a significant problem.

Sadly, over the requisite dentistry treatment. Perhaps it’s because they face various issues like lack of regulation, rising dentistry school debt, and the emergence of quota-driven corporate dental chains.

Here are aspects to look out for to identify price gouging:

  • When someone goes to a new and unscrupulous dentist, they are frequently told that they need a lot of work done. Unfortunately, this often entails removing all current fillings and replacing them with new ones, which you probably don't need.
  • Dentists that market excessively and provide complimentary cleanings or whitening often do so solely to get you in the door, so they can prescribe an extensive treatment plan for work you may or may not require.
  • In most cases, fluoride treatments and prescription tubes of toothpaste are not necessary. These products may be beneficial to someone who has a lot of cavities, but they are entirely unnecessary for the great majority of adults.
  • Because veneers are so profitable, many dentists tend to push them on their patients. However, it's crucial to understand that they're usually a cosmetic choice that costs thousands of dollars.

What Should I Do if a Dentist Is Price Gouging?

It's perfectly legal for you to decline treatment to seek a second opinion temporarily, and an honest dentist will never pressure you to do otherwise. Your X-rays are legally considered your property, and your dentist is compelled to turn them over to you so that you can take them to other dentists. In the long run, remember this and use it anytime you are uncomfortable with the prescribed treatment.

Which Goods and Services Are Protected From Price Gouging?

Whether a company decides to raise prices in the face of a pandemic, natural disaster, or other crisis, the decision-makers must be aware of the applicable price gouging regulations.

Know that, during a declared state of emergency or market disruption, 24 state governments, and Washington, DC have approved legislation outlawing price gouging. In some cases, states without official price gouging statutes may introduce emergency legislation.

Building materialsConsumer food itemsEmergency suppliesGasolineHome heating oil
Medical suppliesRepair or reconstruction servicesTransportationFreightStorage services

What Do I Need to Sue a Dentist for Price Gouging?

First, you should report any possible price gouging to your state's Attorney General. In general, you'll require:

  1. The name and address of the store/vendor where you saw the item.
  2. Product information, such as the product kind, brand, size, and price.
  3. The time, date, and place when you first saw the merchandise.
  4. And a picture of the item can help with the investigation.

While you may have collected all the required information and documentation, the process of reporting price gouging is not easy and involves a lot of bureaucracy. This is where DoNotPay comes in to make it easy and fast.

If you want to protect against price gouging but don't know where to start, DoNotPay has you covered in 5 easy steps:

  1. Open the Price Gouging Protection product on DoNotPay.

  2. Generate a fake credit card to use with the merchant.

  3. Complete the transaction with the fake credit card.

  4. Save a photo of the transaction as evidence and start the demand letter process.

  5. Answer a few questions through our chatbot about the merchant and transaction.

See how easy that was?

Why Use DoNotPay To Solve Price Gouging in Dentistry?

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