Report Gas Price Gouging in Michigan in Five Easy Steps

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How to Stop Shady Merchants by Reporting Michigan Gas Price Gouging

In June 2021, the Colonial Pipeline for gasoline was hacked, causing an industry shake-up and localized panic. While this hack did not directly impact the Michigan gasoline supply, at least one merchant was caught in a scheme to take advantage of the concerned public. In Plymouth Township, MI, a BP gas station was charging $1 more per gallon than other nearby stores. There was nothing that impacted their supply. They just wanted to trick a few local Michiganders into paying $80 for a tank of gas rather than $60.

In Michigan, where long commutes and all-wheel drive vehicles are often a must, gas price gouging is downright unconscionable. Fortunately, DoNotPay can help you gather precisely the proof you need to report this crime of greed to the attorney general and see even one-day robber barons brought to justice.

How Do You Spot Gas Price Gouging in Michigan?

So how do you know if a company is price gouging? How do you report once it's happening? BP gas in Plymouth Township got away with its scandal before being reported by the news because commuters don't typically make a gas price comparison when filling their tank on their way through town. Price gouging in Michigan has two clear definitions.

  • Price gouging occurs when one seller grossly increases the price of goods or services compared to similar local businesses.
  • Price gouging often takes advantage of shortage or fear of shortage in the community.

The Michigan Consumer Protection Act defines a vast number of ways that retailers are not allowed to misrepresent the quality or value of their products, especially in ways that take advantage of hardship or perceived hardship in the community.

Here are a couple of ways you can spot gas price gouging:

Quick Compare Prices on Your Phone

The best way to spot price gouging is to keep your phone handy. Many apps, including Google Maps, will tell you the listed gas prices of stations near you. You can easily check the local prices and compare them to those listed on the sign at your local gas station. Any station with more than a few cents difference may be guilty of gas price gouging.

In many cases, these news-based gouging tactics aren't even reported on the app, so listed prices much higher than online named prices are also a sign of suspect pricing tactics.

Stay Aware of News Reports Relating to Supply or Shortage

Another way to spot Michigan gas price gouging is to know why price gouging occurs. Keep an eye out for news stories on gas prices, supply, hacks, or international trade that might cause locals to think these events impact local prices. If one business takes advantage of these news fears, price gouging can occur.

How Can I Report Price Gouging in Michigan?

What do you do if you see a gas station gouging gas prices in Michigan? The Michigan Attorney General has made their view on price gouging very clear: They want you to report. There are two ways to report Michigan gas price gouging.

Call the Michigan Attorney General 's Office

According to the official instructions on, you can report price gouging crimes directly to the Attorney General 's Office by:

  1. Calling 877-765-8388.
  2. Give the operator information on the place, the evidence of gouging, and your contact information to make an official complaint.
  3. Wait to hear back.

File a Price Gouging Complaint Online

You can also choose to go through the official Consumer Complaint/Inquiry Form online. This form takes detailed information on you (the reporting party) and the company you are reporting. It is a two-page scroll requiring extensive details and more than two dozen form entries to fill out. But beware, the Michigan Attorney General 's office will send a copy of the complaint to the business you file against.

What Do I Need to Sue the Company or Start a Class Action?

One of the biggest hurdles to prosecuting price gouging is to prove that it's going on. Many customers who are victims of Michigan gas price gouging don't realize they've been overcharged - or don't realize the new prices aren't reflected in other stores. Those who recognize the prices are wrong often avoid paying but lack the tangible proof necessary to prove that prices are being gouged.

Fortunately, DoNotPay knows how to help - without costing you those inflated prices just to gather proof. The secret is a fake credit card that generates a sale record without impacting your finances to catch the bad guys.

How to Protect Against Price Gouging Using DoNotPay

If you want to protect against price gouging but don 't know where to start, DoNotPay has you covered in 5 easy steps:

  1. Open the Price Gouging Protection product on DoNotPay.

  2. Generate a fake credit card to use with the merchant.

  3. Complete the transaction with the fake credit card.


  4. Save a photo of the transaction as evidence and start the demand letter proces.

  5. Answer a few questions through our chatbot about the merchant and transactio.

DoNotPay Can Help You Stop Price Gouging Wherever You See It

Sharp-eyed consumers can spot price gouging in more than just local gas stations. You may remember the toilet paper and disinfectant price gouging during the pandemic and notorious cases of drug price gouging for medications in high demand. DoNotPay is here to help you gather proof, report, and stop this immoral advantage-taking practice in every market and sector.

DoNotPay can help with the following:

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

Once you're done stopping commercial and financial crime, DoNotPay can help you with other ways to make life easier and costs fairer . We have developed a great range of products to help you avoid unnecessary costs and keep yourself safe from abusive financial practices.

Here at DoNotPay, we believe in making life easier and more affordable for everyone. We know that not all offices are easy to deal with, whether you're trying to pay your power bill, cancel a subscription, or report a crime.

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