MN Laws on Emotional Support Animals

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MN Laws on Emotional Support Animals

In these trying times, people are relying on their pets-more than ever before. Animals can provide companionship and comfort every day of the year- and when you are traveling, you might want to bring your pet along for the ride in order to ease phobias, help with depression, or assist with anxiety. However, there are special rules and regulations that govern . If you want to get your pet listed as an emotional support animal, DoNotPay can help.

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What Is an Emotional Support Animal?

Emotional support animals are animals that provide comfort just by being with a person, according to the Minnesota Department of Human Rights. Emotional support animals, or ESAs, differ from service animals in that they do not provide a specific service. On the other hand, service animals are trained to perform individual tasks in order to support a person who has a disability.

ESA dogs commonly support people who suffer from anxiety or depression and often help to alleviate the symptoms associated with those issues.

How Emotional Support Animals Help People:

Improves Your ScheduleSchedules and routines may be very important, yet, schedules may seem tedious. A pet requires care and a certain routine. You must:
  • feed them
  • walk them
  • bathe the
  • play with them
  • And more

Setting your schedule to be based on their needs can also impact your other day-to-day tasks.

Improve Memory and FocusPets are very good at keeping person-centered. If you forget to feed them, they will remind you. If you feel lost in thought, they can give you a nudge to remind you that they are there.
Improve SleepIf you are someone who suffers from hyperactivity, you may feel unable to rest well at night. After running, walking, playing, and focusing on your pet throughout the day, you may be able to rest more at night.
Relieves StressPets provide unconditional love to their owners. They are unable to yell or do things that may stress you. This can give you a sense of confidence and reduce your risk of depression or anxiety.

Emotional Support Animal Rules in Minnesota

The state of Minnesota has specific laws and regulations that deal with ESAs. Here are some things to know about , according to the Minnesota Council on Disability:

  • It is against the law to misrepresent an animal (including an ESA) as a service animal and is punishable by fines and jail time. An emotional support animal is not a service animal, and its owners may be liable under this law.
  • Many airlines have specific rules in place governing ESAs being on flights. You will need to check with the airline of your choice prior to planning a flight with your ESA since most treat ESAs as regular pets
  • The only way to prove that your pet is an ESA is through an official letter that is signed by a mental health professional.

How to Get an ESA Letter on Your Own

If you want to get an official letter stating that your pet is an ESA, you will have to go directly through a mental health professional, such as a therapist. Here's how to get an ESA letter on your own:

1. Contact Your Therapist

If you already have a mental health services provider such as a therapist, you can talk to your therapist directly about your need for an ESA letter. Explain to your therapist what benefits you believe the ESA letter will allow you to enjoy, and make sure to note whether you plan to travel with your pet in the near future. Your therapist or mental health services provider should be able to sign off on a letter that you can bring with you in order to give to businesses or other establishments.

2. Book an Online Appointment With a Mental Health Provider

If you do not have a therapist already, you can book an appointment online with a licensed mental health services provider. Make sure to find a reliable source or website that allows you to connect with real mental health professionals. Once you get your appointment, you can ask for an ESA letter and explain the circumstances around your need for one.

3. Wait for Your ESA Letter

The final step is to wait for your ESA letter for your emotional support animal in Minnesota. You should get your letter either instantly or within a few days.

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