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Fight Medical Fraud

Upcoding and Downcoding: Definition, Examples, How to Avoid

Medical fraud has been increasing at alarming rates in the recent past. Two major types of medical fraud include upcoding and downcoding . Upcoding involves overbilling a patient, while downcoding is the reverse of upcoding. It entails under-billing patients. Upcoding disadvantages patients as they . . .
Fight Medical Fraud

How Is Upcoding Being Monitored By Payers?

The US healthcare system relies heavily on third-party payers. Between private health insurance companies, federal programs like Medicare and Medicaid, and state-run programs like California's MediCal, most patients pay only a small portion of their medical costs. At first, this seems like a favorable . . .
Fight Medical Fraud

Upcoding — Definition, Examples, and How to Fight Back Now

We all know that medical bills can be expensive. Therefore, you may not think twice about a bill that seems excessive. However, in today’s world, you must look carefully to protect yourself from overcharges and upcoding. Upcoding is a form of Medicare fraud. It is a way that doctors can get paid a . . .
Fight Medical Fraud

How to Report Medical Billing Fraud and Correct Your Bills

When you visit a doctor or a medical facility, they write your entire visit out in codes. These codes make medical billing straightforward, but they also make it possible for your insurance to be overcharged. If you're concerned about medical bills you've received, you should know how to report medical . . .
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⭐ How to Report Medicare Fraud and Get Your Bills Corrected

For every medical procedure including a checkup by your doctor, a laboratory test, x-ray, scan, surgery, etc. there is a current procedural terminology (CPT) code. These codes are . . .
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How to Report Upcoding the Easy Way

Upcoding may sound like a new vocabulary, but in Medicare, it is a severe and frequent fraudulent offense that has caused immense losses to the federal government every year. Medicare officials have been stealing from American taxpayers and senior citizens through upcoding. Upcoding is a form of fraud . . .

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