Report Fake Reviews on Yelp Before It's Too Late

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Report Fake Reviews on Yelp Before It's Too Late

Yelp is the place to go to get first-hand comments about a destination. This could be for a trip to a new locale, or the best Thai food place in the area. Whatever you are looking for, you can find reviews for that place from people who have actually been there. However, it's not difficult for people to post fake Yelp reviews that can really damage the destination's reputation. If you need to know how to , this guide will give you all the information you need.

You might also be interested in knowing how to delete reviews on Yelp and places like Google, Amazon, and Facebook. You even have the ability to get photos taken off of your Google Business page with DoNotPay.

Right now, DoNotPay is happy to help you . Let’s explore the issue.

Can You Delete Fake Reviews on Yelp?

No. Based on Yelp's guide for reporting fake reviews, it does not appear that anyone can personally remove a fake review on Yelp. This is likely done to stop businesses from deleting every negative review. If you could delete all negative reviews, it would not paint an accurate picture of your business, which isn't fair to consumers.

However, there is a process for you to for Yelp to consider.

How to Report a Fake Review on Yelp

The table below explores how to report reviews to Yelp. The platform can then elect to delete them.

Use the Yelp for Business WebsiteAs a business owner, if you come across a fake Yelp review, one way you can report it is through Yelp for Business.
  1. Go to the Reviews section of your business account and find the review in question.
  2. Go to the More Options button (three dots) and select Report Review.
  3. Yelp will evaluate whether or not the review goes against its content guidelines.

Try the Yelp for Business App

Another way businesses can report a fake review is through the Yelp for Business App.
  1. Go to your app and locate the review.
  2. Tap on the three dots to open the More Options (iPhone) or Overflow Menu (Android).
  3. Click on Report Review.

Now, wait for Yelp to decide if they will remove the fake reviews.

Reasons Yelp Deletes Reviews

Here is a list of seven reasons why Yelp would consider deleting a review.

  1. Inappropriate content
  2. Conflicts of interest
  3. Promotional content
  4. Irrelevant content
  5. Violations of privacy
  6. Intellectual property
  7. Demands for payment

How Long Until Yelp Deletes the Reported Review?

If you flag a review for Yelp's consideration, the time it takes for it to be removed can vary. You will likely wait between twenty-four hours and one week for Yelp to make their decision. They will then immediately remove the review. This time period is also generally what you can expect if you try to escalate the issue.

What You Can Do If Yelp Won't Delete a Review

You are not completely out of options if Yelp refuses to delete a fake review. Here are some other actions to take.

  • Privately contact the customer to see if you can help resolve their issue. If you satisfy them, they can delete their review.
  • If the review is defamatory, you can use DoNotPay's Sue Now product to sue the person who left the review.
  • Depending on what the review complained about, you can try replying to the review to fix the problem. However, be careful that you don't escalate the situation.

How to Get Fake Negative Reviews Removed Using DoNotPay

For whatever reason, Yelp might not agree that they should remove a review from your business page. It's not always enough for a business to report a review. However, when a review is reported by both the business and consumers, it makes it much more likely that Yelp will take it down.

DoNotPay can act as a consumer and report the review. All you need to do is convince us why we should flag the review. Once we have your report, we will report the review, and hopefully, Yelp will take it down.

Here's what you have to do.

  1. Select the platform where the review was posted.

  2. Type in the review's URL and provide a photo to help us find it.

  3. Explain why the review should be reported, and also give a detailed description.

  4. And that's everything! We will report the review so that it is investigated by Yelp and taken down once they determine it's inappropriate.

How Else Can DoNotPay Help?

We are happy to help you business page, but there is plenty more we can do for you. Here are some examples.


Your business can grow or lose business by word of mouth, so it's important to keep an eye on reviews for your business. If you find that someone has posted a fake negative review on Yelp, we can help you get it removed. Join DoNotPay today for more information on how we can help!

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