How to Get Xarelto Free Trials Without Giving Your Credit Card Info

Get Free Trials & Don't Get Charged How to Get Xarelto Free Trials Without Giving Your Credit Card Info

How to Get Xarelto Free Trials Without Giving Your Credit Card Info

Xarelto is the brand name for several drugs, such as Rivaroxaban, which is an FDA-approved anticoagulant medication that prevents and treats blood clots. Doctors prescribe Xarelto for any blood clot-related issues.

As a brand-name prescription drug, Xarelto price tends to be high for several users seeking its benefits. Luckily, there are several ways to help reduce the cost of expensive medication.

Sometimes you can get free trials of Xarelto, and DoNotPay can help you sign up for them using a virtual credit card. Then, when your free subscription expires, you won’t end up paying for more Xarelto unless you want it.

What is Xarelto?

Xarelto is an umbrella brand name for drugs, especially Rivaroxaban, which helps treat and prevent blood clot issues. Xarelto is a blood thinner that prevents and treats blood clots that are related to specific conditions involving the blood vessels and heart.

Such blood clots usually form because of irregular heartbeats (atrial fibrillation). They may also form after knee or hip replacement surgery. 

  • Having been prescribed over 40 million times in the US alone, Xarelto is a highly effective drug prescribed to prevent strokes as well.
  • It comes in the form of a once-a-day pill. The dose is mostly taken once a day with the evening meal or as prescribed by the doctor.

Where can I Purchase Xarelto?

The table below shows some popular retailers that usually carry this medication.

Places to Buy Xarelto
  • Rite Aid Pharmacy
  • WalMart Pharmacy
  • CVS Pharmacy
  • Walgreens Pharmacy
  • Your local neighborhood drug store

Does Xarelto Have a Free Trial Program?

Yes. At the time of writing, Janssen - the manufacturer - does offer a 30 day free trial of Xarelto. But remember that these trials and offerings change from time to time, so visit the link above to find out the details.

How Much Does Xarelto Cost?

According to Xarelto's official website, the list price starts at $492 per month. However, most patients pay between $0-$47 monthly. Out-of-pocket costs tend to vary depending on the indication, dosage, insurance coverage, site of care, and your eligibility for prescription discount programs.

Unfortunately, there are no generic alternatives for Xarelto. Try to remember these three points when looking for a good price:

  1. Despite Xarelto being covered by most Medicare and health insurance plans, some pharmacy coupons such as Rx coupons may lower the prices.
  2. For 2.5 mg 30 tablets of Xarelto, you can expect to pay roughly $247 in a pharmacy such as Kroger or Walgreens without insurance.
  3. Your co-pay will depend on your health insurance plan, but can range from $5 to $50 or even the full price if the medication isn’t covered.

That’s why a free trial is so attractive, you can see if the medication makes you feel better without a huge investment. But you must remember to cancel any free trial if it doesn’t work out, and that’s where most people get struck with unwanted fees.

How do Virtual Credit Cards Work?

All free trials, memberships, and subscriptions are marketing techniques. Manufacturers and retailers are counting on the fact that you’ll forget to cancel the free trial.

Have you ever forgotten about a subscription until you see a bunch of surprise charges on your credit card? You are not alone. In fact, the number of subscriptions and memberships to all sorts of clubs has skyrocketed since the COVID-19 pandemic.

DoNotPay can help you get out of unwanted charges with our virtual credit card product. We can create a “dummy card” that you can use to sign up for trials.

  1. There is no actual money on the virtual credit card, and no real credit limit.
  2. When the manufacturer - Janssen in this case - tries to charge you for a subscription, they cannot do it.

Imagine how much money you’ll save on everything from medications to streaming services and weight loss supplements!

You can use virtual credit cards for:

  • Streaming services like Hulu, Netflix and so on
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • Weight loss supplements
  • GNC vitamins and supplements
  • Video games
  • Free software trials

But that’s not all you can do with the app.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

You can open DoNotPay can help you with almost anything! Including:

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