Wyoming Home School Laws Clarified by DoNotPay

Notice of Intent To Homeschool Wyoming Home School Laws Clarified by DoNotPay

Understand Wyoming Home School Laws With DoNotPay

Homeschooling your child can open the door to opportunities and experiences you can’t get from traditional schooling.

As a parent and homeschool teacher, though, one of your main responsibilities is to make sure you stay within the law in your state.

Wyoming regulates homeschools fairly heavily, but this does not mean that homeschooling is out of reach—follow the rules, and nothing should stand in the way of you giving your child the best education possible from home.

DoNotPay has all the info you need on Wyoming home school laws—your homeschooling journey begins here!

The Basics of Homeschooling in Wyoming

If you have decided to homeschool your child in Wyoming, there are a few prerequisites you have to fulfill, namely:

  1. Adhering to a standard set of subjects
  2. Submitting an annual curriculum
  3. Informing your school district

Adhering to a Standard Set of Subjects

Under Wyoming homeschooling laws, every child has to be taught a fixed set of core subjects at the elementary level, after which the high school requirements are:

SubjectMinimum Teaching Period After Elementary School
ReadingFour years
WritingFour years
MathThree years
LiteratureFour years
ScienceThree years, one year of which can be computer science
CivicsThree years
HistoryThree years

Homeschool students have more leeway, and parents or homeschool teachers can determine their own graduation criteria and issue diplomas.

Homeschooling in Wyoming does not require testing for graduation, although you may want to check your child’s eligibility for a college education without a GED.

Many colleges and employers will require transcripts of education for each year, but Wyoming homeschooling parents can create their own ones, assign credits, and determine graduation criteria.

Submitting an Annual Curriculum

For each year of homeschooling, you have to submit a:

  • Curriculum summary
  • List of the teaching materials to be used

This has to be submitted to your school district in advance, and any mid-year changes should be communicated before they are implemented.

As a homeschool teacher, you don’t have to keep records of what you have done, but it is a good idea to record:

  • Lessons taught and lesson plans used
  • Attendance and school hours
  • Milestones achieved
  • Immunizations

Informing Your School District

You are required to officially inform your school district of your intentions before you remove your child from school and begin homeschooling.

You must submit a notification of your intent to homeschool every year.

How Can You Start Homeschooling in Wyoming?

The most important things you need to prepare before you begin homeschooling your child are your:

  • Curriculum
  • Infrastructure

To set up your curriculum, you have two basic options:

  1. Designing your own
  2. Buying a ready-made program

Designing Your Own

Depending on your confidence as a subject expert and as a teacher, you can build your own curriculum around the required core subjects.

This gives you the freedom to:

  • Assign timetables according to your availability
  • Take account of your child’s learning and subject preferences
  • Use a range of teaching methods

You need to make sure your curriculum is detailed enough to satisfy your school district when you submit it before each school year, but designing your own curriculum means your homeschooling is truly tailored to your child’s needs and wishes.

Buying a Ready-Made Program

Numerous providers offer comprehensive ready-made curriculums, including lesson plans, support material, and all the content you need.

When choosing your off-the-shelf curriculum, you should take account of the:

  • Teaching methodology it favors versus your child’s preferred learning style
  • Subjects covered and balance between disciplines
  • Cost of the curriculum

Ready-made curriculums are far more convenient than DIY ones, but you may sacrifice some of the latitude in teaching methods and approaches a bespoke curriculum can give you. You may also need to get help with teaching subjects you are not comfortable with.

Getting Started With Homeschooling in Wyoming

Before you start homeschooling in Wyoming, you have to inform your school district of your intention.

You can begin homeschooling at any time in the year by sending a letter of intent to the superintendent of your school district with the following information:

  • The name, address, and school grade of the student
  • Details of each parent, including contact numbers
  • Your curriculum plan for the current year

If you get any of the details wrong, your notice of intent will be considered non-compliant and your child may end up being accused of truancy.

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