Everything to Know About Willard Cybulski Correctional Institution and Contacting Inmates

Connect With an Inmate Everything to Know About Willard Cybulski Correctional Institution and Contacting Inmates

What You Need to Know About Willard Cybulski Correctional Institution

The Willard Cybulski Correctional Institution, sometimes just called Willard CI, is located in Enfield, Connecticut. It is right on the border with Massachusetts and is closer to Springfield than it is to Hartford.

It is a level 2 prison (medium-low) and houses about 1,160 inmates, some of whom are pre-trial. There are many programs at the Willard Cybulski Correctional Institution that focus on rehabilitation. Some of these services include community building, like assisting with specific events.

Willard Cybulski Correctional Institution Contact Information

AddressWillard-Cybulski Correctional Institution

391 Shaker Road

Enfield, CT 06082

Phone Number(860)-763-6100
WebsiteWillard CI (ct.gov)
WardenNicole Thibeault

How to Contact Inmates at Willard Cybulski Correctional Institution


  1. The Connecticut Department of Corrections promotes visitation and is a key component in rehabilitation and reducing recidivism.
  2. Before visiting, you must complete a CDOC Visitation Application. This includes authorizing a criminal background check.
  3. Applications can only be sent to you if requested by the prisoner.
  4. All visitors over the age of 16 must have an authorized government ID.
  5. Visitors under the age of 16 must have a birth certificate with them to visit.
  6. All visitors are subject to a search which includes a metal detector.
  7. CDOC has a strict dress code for visitations. It is advised to dress conservatively and avoid wearing any work uniforms. We recommend bringing an extra set of clothes in case you unintentionally violate the dress code.
  8. Visiting is allowed Tuesdays-Fridays from 6 pm -9 pm and on Weekends from 8:30 am - 10:30 am. However, actual visiting privileges rotate based on dorm assignment. You can see the full visiting schedule here. Special visiting hours may be granted to those who have to travel a great distance.
  9. All visits must be scheduled in advance. All visits must be scheduled at least 72 hours beforehand. To schedule a visit, use the CDOC visiting request form.

Contact by Mail

  1. Inmates can send and receive letters with few restrictions.
  2. You may mail photos to inmates that are 4" x 6" or smaller. They cannot be Polaroid or instant photos. They cannot be sexual or have any gang insignia.
  3. Inmates can receive books, magazines, and publications from verified distributors like Amazon. All books must be paperback. Publications cannot be sexual, nor can they promote criminal activity.
  4. You can send mail and publications to:

Inmate Name, ID Number Willard-Cybulski Correctional Institution 391 Shaker Road Enfield, CT 06082

Contact by Phone

  1. Inmates are allowed to make calls to anyone on their list of approved contacts.
  2. Inmates are only allowed to have 10 approved contacts.
  3. All calls require setting up a Securus account.
  4. Securus will charge a connection fee and by the minute

Sending Money

  • Inmates can receive funds by MoneyGram, online transfers, phone deposits, and by mail.
  • MoneyGram deposits can be made at any stall in CVS or Walmart.  Be sure to have the inmate's ID handy and use receive code 1222.
  • Phone deposits can be made through JPAY(1-800-574-5729) or TouchPay (1-866-232-1899).
  • Online deposits can be made through JPAY, TouchPay, or Western Union.
  • Mail deposits are often the cheapest, but also take the longest time to complete. You will need to use a cashier's check or United States Postal Money Order made payable to the inmate's name and ID number.  You will also need to complete a CDOC Remitter Form. Mail the money and the remitter from to:

Inmate Trust Fund P.O. Box 290800 Wethersfield, CT 06129-0800

Steps to Take Before Contacting a Prisoner at Willard Cybulski Correctional Institution

  • Before contacting an inmate, you will need to know their location and ID number.
  • You can use CDOC's Offender Information Search Tool to access this information.
  • Sometimes the CDOC site will crash or run slow. If you need to look up prisoner information now, DoNotPay can help with our Find an Inmate product.

Difficulties You May Have Contacting Loved Ones in Willard Cybulski Correctional Institution

  • Trying to work with the Connecticut Department of Corrections can be a major hassle.
  • The families of inmates are regularly overlooked.
  • DoNotPay is here to help

How DoNotPay Can Help

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  • Prison Pen Pals - We can help you find a random prisoner to become Pen Pals with.
  • Inmate Visitation - We know all the ins and outs of CDOC's visitation rules. If you have any issues with your visitation rights, DoNotPay can help.

How to Use DoNotPay to Connect With a Prisoner

You can connect with an inmate at Willard Cybulski Correctional Institution by following these five easy steps:

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Why Use DoNotPay to Help You Connect With an Inmate

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