Why Do People Get Divorced—Mystery Solved

Divorce Settlement Agreement Why Do People Get Divorced—Mystery Solved

Why Do People Get Divorced—The Age-Old Question Answered

Making a marriage work is not easy—it requires a great deal of sacrifice, compromise, and patience. Sometimes, despite all the effort and years invested into the relationship, there’s no other solution than to call it quits.

Why do people get divorced? While the answer is never simple, DoNotPay will break down the most common causes for a divorce in this article. We will also suggest a practical way to part ways with your spouse amicably and without unnecessary legal expenses!

The Reasons Why People Get Divorced Explained

While the reasons for ending a marriage are complex and unique for every couple, there are a few specific issues frequently cited during divorce proceedings.

Take a look at the table below for more details:

Reasons People Get DivorcedDetails
Communication issuesThe inability to have a productive conversation can leave spouses with a feeling of growing resentment, which can lead to a divorce
Young ageMarrying too young may imply that at the time, the couple didn’t have:

  • A developed sense of self
  • Enough experience to know what they want in a partner

That can eventually lead to partners developing different values, beliefs, and expectations, which can become the reasons behind a divorce

Lack of intimacy or partnershipA lack of emotional support or intimacy between partners for a prolonged period can result in falling out of love, which typically leads to a divorce
InfidelityAn affair can feel like the ultimate act of betrayal that typically causes a person to lose trust in their spouse
AddictionIf a person doesn’t want to get help or becomes a threat to their spouse, they should get a divorce immediately
Domestic abuseAbuse can take on many forms, from physical confrontation to emotional manipulation. Separating from the abusive partner is sometimes the only way to ensure protection
Financial issuesSpouses are expected to manage finances as a team. Issues like spending too much or making too little money can cause tension in a marriage that can be impossible to overcome and ends up tearing the union apart
Lost sense of selfIt’s not uncommon for one partner to sacrifice their personal fulfillment for the sake of the marriage. That often leads to resentment and divorce

What Is the Number One Cause of Divorce in America?

According to the Certified Divorce Financial Analysts (CDFA), a survey done across North America has shown that the top five reasons couples in the U.S. get divorced are the following:

  1. Basic incompatibility—43%
  2. Infidelity—28%
  3. Financial issues—22%
  4. Emotional and physical abuse—5.8%
  5. Addiction—5%

Is There Such a Thing as a Simple Divorce?

A divorce is stressful for both parties, regardless of the circumstances. The goal should be to get through the process as painlessly as possible, especially if children are involved.

An uncontested divorce can help the proceedings go much faster. It implies that the parties have reached an agreement about all crucial issues, such as:

  • Custody
  • Visitation rights
  • Child and spousal support
  • Division of debt and property
  • Education and religion
  • Life and health insurance

Apart from speeding up the process, an uncontested divorce will:

  • Help save the money otherwise spent on expensive court proceedings
  • Take a lot less of the spouses’ energy
  • Reduce stress
  • Assist in preserving the relationship between former spouses
  • Minimize or eliminate time spent in a courtroom

Are you and your spouse candidates for an uncontested divorce? Having a divorce settlement agreement drawn up by a lawyer can be another unnecessary expense, especially if you have agreed on all divorce-related issues. A far more economical solution would be to sign up for DoNotPay and let us create a divorce settlement agreement within minutes!

DoNotPay Is Your Ticket to a Quickie Divorce

DoNotPay will create a divorce settlement agreement for you, making sure that it:

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You can get your tailor-made divorce settlement agreement once you subscribe to DoNotPay and:

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  3. Indicate whether you’d like to get the document notarized with our help

If you choose to have your document notarized with DoNotPay, our app will connect you with an online notary. They will witness you and your former spouse signing the document on a video call.

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