Why Do I Need a Living Will—Your Questions Answered

Advance Health Care Directive Why Do I Need a Living Will—Your Questions Answered

Why Do I Need a Living Will? Let’s Find Out!

Some people are not familiar with advance care planning and do not understand what a living will is, how they can create this document, or how much it costs.

Why do I need a living will in the first place? This article gives you the answer and presents an effective product that can help you draft this document.

What Is a Living Will?

A living will is a document that you should create to specify your preferences for end-of-life health care treatments you would (not) want to receive.

This legal document is often associated with the following forms:

Keep in mind that while a living will is a legal document, you don’t have to hire a lawyer to draft one for you.

Why Do You Need a Living Will?

The following table presents some of the reasons why creating a living will is a good choice:

Why Do I Need a Living Will?Details
Protect yourselfA living will can protect you in situations when you cannot communicate your preferences for medical care on your own. This document:

  1. Specifies what medical procedures or drugs meant to prolong your life you (do not) authorize
  2. Provides explicit instructions to your health care agent, physician, and other medical providers
Prevent disputesSince a living will conveys your decisions, it can:

  • Prevent arguments among your family members
  • Reduce the emotional strain on your family at the time of your death
Control medical expensesIf you are in a coma or vegetative state, you cannot evaluate the potential costs of life-prolonging medical procedures. Drafting a living will could:

  1. Minimize unwanted hospital bills
  2. Ease your family’s financial burden at the time of your death

Keep in mind that, in case you do not have a living will but have a valid medical power of attorney, your health care agent will make decisions regarding your end-of-life medical treatments.

How To Create a Living Will

Since U.S. states have different regulations regarding living wills, POAs, and advance directives, you should start by checking your state legislation.

You also need to ensure your living will:

  1. Fulfills legal requirements for notarization and the number of witnesses
  2. Is updated or revoked if you decide to amend or terminate the document at any time
  3. Covers all necessary elements, including:
    1. Standard and specific directions about health care procedures
    2. Anatomical gift decisions, i.e., whether you would like to donate your body or certain organs after your death
    3. Palliative care preferences
    4. Religious and spiritual considerations

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