Which Credit Card Gives Free Lounge Access In India?

Lounge Access Which Credit Card Gives Free Lounge Access In India?

Which Credit Card Gives Free Lounge Access in India?

Lounges have traditionally been an exclusive and high-end luxury in India, reserved exclusively for regular flyers and those who own a first-class or business ticket. Customers have always had to spend a lot of money to get lounge access and rest for a few hours before their departure. However, lounges are now starting to become accessible with just one caveat. You can now access lounges through lounge subscriptions or a separately purchased one-day pass even without a first-class ticket. Your credit card may even qualify you for a free lounge membership.

However, not all credit cards can access lounge benefits. How about if we told you we have just the solution? DoNotPay presents ways you can access premium lounges without breaking the bank. DoNotPay will walk you through a series of simple questions to determine which benefits and lounges your credit card has access to.

What Comes With Lounge Access?

Whether it's relaxing, having a drink, chipping away a little more productive hours, or simply getting away from it all, airport lounges can give you peace of mind while traveling. Instead of paying a higher price for individual services in the airport, lounge access allows you to enjoy all-inclusive amenities in one place.

Here are several standard lounge amenities that you can enjoy:

  1. Wifi & power outlets.
  2. Clean restrooms with lots of privacy.
  3. Showers.
  4. Complimentary food & drink.
  5. Expert airline agents.
  6. Being able to set things down & leave a suitcase behind.

In case you have a long layover or have just landed following a long flight, you can freshen up with a soothing shower at an airport lounge. Additionally, you can book a lounge with Kids Rooms to give kids a safe space to play and let off steam before their flight.

Here’s the overview of the things you may be missing out on when you don’t take advantage of airport lounge access:

PeaceAirports can be hectic, especially during peak days, and there are times that you just want to escape the noise and distractions of a terminal entirely. Luckily, airport lounges offer you the peace you crave.
Clean up nicelyWe all want to look fresh and clean before and after traveling on an airplane. Many airport lounges offer showers where you can clean up and be on your way. It’s a perfect perk for those times you have to proceed to a big meeting.
Get down to business earlyProceed to the airport lounge when you need to improve your presentation, review your notes, or catch up on emails. There you’ll find free Wi-Fi access and a quiet space to work on your project.
Eat, drink, and be merryIf you’re feeling hungry while waiting for your flight, airline lounges can provide a less crowded space so that you can eat comfortably.

How to Gain Lounge Access by Yourself

Here’s how you can get lounge access in India:

1.    Credit Cards

The card in your wallet may be the quickest path to everything that isn't a sham in an airport. Anyone with an HDFC Visa Signature Credit Card can access airport lounges in India. Additionally, the Yatra SBI Card and the IndusInd Bank Platinum Aura Credit Card are both credit cards that feature Lounge access in India. Both provide limitless free access, which eliminates the need to wait in the terminal. However, keeping track of the best credit card options for lounge access can often get overwhelming.

2.    Priority Pass Cards

Once you become hooked to airport lounges, the Priority Pass is a superb deal. The subscription-based software gives you access to over 800 lounges, which you may use by just brandishing your mobile membership card on your smartphone. To begin, you'll spend $99, then only $29 per trip after that. For individuals who travel over five times a year, the application also offers a $249 annual subscription option that includes ten sessions, essentially giving you access for $24 per visit. Given its all-inclusive package, that's a fantastic deal. Up to 12 Indian Airports accept Priority Passcards.

3.    Paying for an Annual Lounge Membership

If you frequently fly, paying for an annual membership is the best way to go. Your yearly membership subscription entitles you to use any of the airline's lounges, as well as a selection of affiliate lounges. This access is available regardless of what airline you are traveling with on a particular day.

4.    Day Passes

The cost of a day pass in India starts from £13.50. These passes are an excellent way to experience airport lounges without having to pay for annual subscriptions, purchase costly first-class tickets, or fly thousands of miles with a specific airline each year. You can also inquire about access directly with individual airline organizations that sell day passes in an attempt to persuade non-members to visit the lounge before their flight, even if they are not flying on business.

How to Get Lounge Access using DoNotPay

If you want to get lounge access but don't know where to start, DoNotPay has you covered in 3 easy steps:

  1. Tell us which airport you're flying out of or into.


  2. Select whether you have any of the special travel reward or airline credit cards, or are flying in a premium fare class.


  3. Enter which airline you're flying with.

Why Use DoNotPay to Acquire Lounge Access?

You can always depend on DoNotPay to facilitate your lounge access, especially as our services are:

  • Fast—Keeping up with the credit card options and the various subscription-based lounge access options can get tedious. DoNotPay will conduct a quick scan of available options for lounge access on your credit cards and complete the whole process for you. You do not have to do it manually.
  • Easy—You don't have to struggle to keep track of all the subscription options available in the market as we lookout for the best offers for you.
  • Successful— Our team of professionals is always ready to get you a good lounge deal.

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What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

In addition, DoNotPay can also help you with:

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