Where Can I File A Complaint Against My Landlord

Landlord Protection Where Can I File A Complaint Against My Landlord

Where Can I File A Complaint Against My Landlord?

Whether you are just starting out or have some credit issues, buying a house can seem like a faraway dream. As a result, you will likely need to rely on rentals to find a place to live until you can afford to buy a house. With housing prices creeping up and wages becoming stagnant, the chances of landing a house get smaller and smaller by the day.

If you are renting by choice or necessity, you are ultimately at the mercy of a landlord. You may be wondering what your rights are when it comes to the threat of eviction or if you can be evicted without notice, among other things. Don't get taken advantage of by a shady landlord. With , you can quickly and easily file a complaint against your landlord for the fair treatment you deserve.

If you are being threatened with eviction, having trouble trying to recover your security deposit, or you just want to know what repairs your landlord is responsible for, DoNotPay has you covered.

What Are My Rights as a Tenant?

As a tenant, you have rights to a few basic things such as running water, heat, and reasonable accommodations that you are paying your landlord to provide you with. An example of something that may not be covered in the air conditioning, which can be state-specific, if for some reason, those things are not being provided to you, you have the right to fight back and get what you are legally entitled to as a renter.

For example, if your landlord refuses to fix an issue that has left you with no running water, the domicile is considered uninhabitable. Since you can't safely and comfortably live in the dwelling, you have the right to withhold rent until the issue is fixed. Most landlords, when faced with this situation, will either A, fix the problem, or B, count on the tenant not knowing their rights and demand payment for a domicile that is not livable.

How and Where to File a Complaint Against Your Landlord on Your Own

In order to file a complaint about your landlord, you will need some information, including:

  1. Your name and address
  2. The name and address of the person(s) or organization your complaint is against
  3. The address or other identification of the housing or program involved
  4. A short description of the event(s) that cause you to believe your rights were violated
  5. The date(s) of the alleged violation.

After gathering pertinent information, the next step is to contact the state agencies that address tenant rights and/or agencies that handle complaints. This could be a legal aid service or HUD if your home was offered through them. As you can see, this can be a rather lengthy and confusing process.

File a Complaint Against Your Landlord With the Help of DoNotPay

Whether you are trying to get back a security deposit or resolve a dispute with your landlord, DoNotPay can help.

DoNotPay is here to guide you through it and file your disputes on your behalf. Our Landlord Protection product can help you:

  1. Get back your security deposits
  2. Learn about your state's eviction laws and what protections apply in your case
  3. Resolve disputes regarding repairs with your landlord
  4. Resolve disputes with roommates by filing demand letters or going through small claims court
  5. Break your lease early.

Why Use DoNotPay to File a Complaint Against Your Landlord

Here are a few reasons using .

  • Fast - You don't have to spend hours trying to solve the issue
  • Easy - You don't have to struggle to fill out tedious forms or keep track of all the steps involved in solving your problem
  • Successful - You can rest assured knowing we'll make the best case for you

DoNotPay Works Across All Companies/Entities/Groups With the Click of a Button

DoNotPay not only helps with filing a complaint with your landlord. We can also assist with:

Kicking out a roommateDetermine how long your landlord has to return your security deposit
Learn about your rights as a renterSue your landlord to recover your deposit

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