What Happens if You Miss Jury Duty in Missouri? DoNotPay Knows

Request Jury Duty Leave What Happens if You Miss Jury Duty in Missouri? DoNotPay Knows

Find Out What Happens if You Miss Jury Duty in Missouri

Many people don’t like being called for jury duty, but it is an important part of our legal system. There are numerous reasons why jury duty matters and why you should never skip it, especially because you can be penalized.

What happens if you miss jury duty in Missouri? In this article, DoNotPay will answer your question and explain the whole jury duty process in the Show-Me State so you can prepare for it accordingly. If you need to inform your employer about your jury duty leave but don’t know how to do it, sign up for DoNotPay, and we will do it for you.

Jury Duty in Missouri—Most Common Questions

The table below contains answers to the most common questions about jury duty in Missouri:

How are you selected for jury duty?Prospective jurors are selected from a list of:

  • Registered voters
  • State identification cards holders
  • Licensed drivers

Being summoned for jury duty doesn’t automatically mean you will sit on a jury. You will be asked questions that will help the court determine whether you are objective enough to try the case

What are the qualifications?You will qualify for jury duty if you are:

  • A citizen of the U.S. and the county that issued the summons
  • At least 21 years old
  • Able to read, speak, and understand English

You will not qualify if you:

  • Haven’t had your civil rights restored after being convicted of a felony
  • Aren’t able to perform your jury duty due to a mental or physical condition
How long can it take?Your first day (the orientation day) will last for four to five hours. Typically, selected jurors will spend about three and a half days in court, but they will always be informed about how long the particular case will last
How much will you be paid?The compensation varies from county to county. For example, in Jackson County, you will be paid $18 per day, and in the Western District of Missouri, $50 per day (usually for federal jurors)
How often can you be summoned?You can be called for jury duty once every three years

Missouri Jury Duty—What if You Miss It?

Failing to appear for jury duty will result in a hearing during which you should present a good reason for missing jury duty. If you fail to demonstrate good cause, you will have to pay up to $500. In addition to the fine, the court might order community service. You will also keep getting called to jury service.

How To Get Out of Jury Duty in Missouri

You can be exempt from jury duty if you:

  1. Are on active duty in the Armed Forces of the United States
  2. Are a breastfeeding mother
  3. Have a medical condition that prevents you from being on a jury (you need a physician’s note)
  4. Are a health care provider whose patients’ health would be influenced by your jury service

If you are a student, you can postpone your jury duty by writing a request. You may postpone jury service once.

DoNotPay Helps You Get Jury Duty Leave Easily

Once you receive your jury duty summons, you must inform your employer of it so they can verify your jury duty leave. By informing them, you prevent them from firing you or penalizing you in any way. If you don’t know how to let them know about your jury service, our app can help! We will use the information you provide to create an official leave request letter that complies with all the Missouri jury duty laws.

You will only need to register for our platform and do the following:

  1. Open the Request Jury Duty Leave tool
  2. Confirm whether state or federal court summoned you
  3. Answer a few questions
  4. Attach a photo of your jury summons

Once you complete the steps, we’ll send your letter to your employer in minutes. You can also choose to submit it yourself—we will provide a PDF file that you can download and print.

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