What Happens if You Don’t Go to Jury Duty in Texas? DoNotPay Has the Answers

What Happens if You Don’t Go to Jury Duty in Texas? Find Out Here!

If you have been called to serve as a juror in the Lone Star State and want to know what happens if you don’t go to jury duty in Texas, you’ve come to the right place! We will explain how jury duty works and tell you all about the valid reasons to request an exemption. Prepare for the service by learning how to draft a leave request letter or let DoNotPay handle it in your stead.

Jury Duty in Texas Explained

Jurors in Texas are chosen randomly from a list (made by the Secretary of State) that includes citizens who:

  1. Have Texas driver’s licenses
  2. Hold Texas identification cards
  3. Are registered to vote

In some counties, each juror receives a questionnaire along with the summons, which helps the court officials determine who’s eligible for jury duty and able to perform their civic duty fairly and impartially. In other counties, prospective jurors answer a series of questions in person when they show up in court for the jury selection process.

What Happens if You Don’t Show Up for Jury Duty in Texas?

If you skip jury duty in Texas, you will be held in contempt of court, and the judge might impose a fine of up to $1,000. You can avoid paying the fine if you have a valid reason for missing the summons.

Valid Reasons for Jury Duty Exemption in Texas

In Texas, you can be exempt from jury duty if you:

  • Are older than 70
  • Have legal custody of a child younger than 12 and jury duty requires you to leave the child without any supervision
  • Are a public or private school student
  • Are enrolled at a higher education institution
  • Have served as a juror in the past 24 months
  • Are an officer or an employee of:
    • The senate
    • House of representatives
    • Department of commission
  • Are taking care of a person who is unable to take care of themselves
  • Serve on active duty for the United States Military Forces

Work and Jury Duty in Texas

Your employer isn’t obligated to pay you for your time off, but they are prohibited from threatening your position or firing you because of jury duty. To avoid any potential misunderstanding with your boss, you should send a leave request letter to notify them of your absence and help them verify your jury duty.

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DoNotPay Generates a Tailor-Made Leave Request Letter in Your Stead

Need a leave request letter that will help you notify your employer of your absence? and get this important document in no time! To use our AI-powered app, all you have to do is:

  1. Locate our Request Jury Duty Leave tool
  2. Answer a few questions
  3. Upload a photo of your summons

We will process your request fast and then send the letter to you via email in PDF form or forward it to your employer in your stead.

DoNotPay also has information on various Texas counties and cities, including:

Frequently Asked Questions About Jury Duty in Texas

To help you prepare for this important task, we answered some of the most frequently asked questions regarding jury duty:

Why is jury duty important?You have to do jury duty because it is legally required and it’s an important civic function that ensures everyone has an unbiased and fair trial
How long does jury duty last in Texas?Jury duty in Texas usually lasts for one week
How much do you get paid for jury duty in Texas?While all federal jurors get paid $50 for each day of service, jurors in Texas get paid anywhere between $6 and $50, depending on the county where they serve

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