What Happens if I Lost My US Citizenship Certificate: All Your Questions Answered

Naturalization and Citizenship Certificate What Happens if I Lost My US Citizenship Certificate: All Your Questions Answered

What Happens If I Lost My US Citizenship Certificate?

A US Citizenship Certificate is not required for naturalization, but it can be an essential piece of evidence if you should need to prove your citizenship status. If your Citizenship Certificate gets lost or stolen, replacing the document can be nearly as costly as getting an original. This article discusses the steps you must take to obtain a replacement Citizenship Certificate. We will also look at how you can save time and money on replacing your Citizenship Certificate with help from DoNotPay. Check out some other articles in the Naturalization and Citizenship Certificate product series.

Why Would You Need a Citizenship Certificate?

A Citizenship Certificate is optional, but it can serve as an invaluable proof document if your citizenship status is called into question. The document contains all of the requirements for evidence when applying for a passport. If you have to prove your citizenship to US Immigration officers, this document will validate your citizenship status. It costs a lot to obtain, almost just as much to replace, but having the document could become highly valuable to you at some point.

Why Would You Need to Replace the USCIS Citizenship Certificate?

Your Citizenship Certificate could get lost in a move or stolen from you. Some of the most common reasons for needing a replacement Citizenship Certificate include the certificate being destroyed, clerical errors, and name or gender changes. These documents do not expire as a passport, so there is no need to recertify once you obtain the original. You just have a replacement issued.

How Long Does It Take to Get Your Citizenship Certificate?

Processing times for getting your Citizenship Certificate is as follows:

Original Citizenship Certificate9 to 14 months
Replacement Citizenship Certificate5 to 8 months

There are many factors to verify, and additional information may be needed. These are just estimated time frames. Some certificates may take significantly longer, while others may not take as long.

How Much Does It Cost to File Form N565?

The cost to obtain a Citizenship Certificate is over $1,000. When you need a replacement Citizenship Certificate, there is a replacement fee of $555 to file form N565. The cost is relatively high, but this document ensures you have the proof you need when you need it. The fee can be paid by credit card, check, or money order.

How to Fill Out Form N565

When filling out form N565, you must write clearly and legibly. Any information you provide in the form is voluntary, but failure to answer all questions fully will result in a delay in processing. You must answer each question, and if a question does not apply to you, you must indicate N/A. If you require extra space for your answers, you must attach an additional piece of paper with a header displaying your name and alien number if available. You must fill out the form with black ink.

What Documents to Include With Form N565

If you are applying for a replacement Citizenship Certificate, USCIS requires that you provide proof that the replacement is needed. If the document was stolen, you must give a police report or a sworn statement. If the document has been damaged or mutilated, you have to provide the original as proof. If you have a typographical error or your name or gender has legally changed, you must give the original. A court order or official documentation verifying the name or gender change is required. You will also need to provide two photographs. They must be the same photo, passport-style, size 2x2.

Where Is Form N565 Mailed to?

If you are applying for a replacement by mail, you will gather all of your proof documents, fee payment, and completed N565 form. These documents must be mailed to USCIS Phoenix Lockbox:  USCIS Attn: N 565 PO Box 20050 Phoenix, Arizona 85036-0050.

How to Replace Your Citizenship Certificate by Yourself

Here are the steps you should take to obtain a replacement copy of your Citizenship Certificate by mail.

  1. Go to the USCIS website to get form N565 or call USCIS Contact Center at 1-800-375-5283 to be sent the form.
  2. Fill out all fields on form N565 honestly and entirely with black ink.
  3. Gather proof documents, including original error or damaged records, legal verification of name or gender change.
  4. Get two 2x2 passport-style photos to include.
  5. Write a check for $555 for the replacement fee.
  6. All documents and copies, fee payment, form N565, and the requested photos should be mailed to the USCIS Phoenix Lockbox.
  7. Await notification of approval or denial. Watch for requests for more information while processing.

Use DoNotPay to Get Your Replacement Citizenship Certificate

Getting a replacement Citizenship Certificate is not as easy as filling out a form. The other documents needed are very specific, and the form is time-consuming. It is very easy to miss a step. That's why you need DoNotPay.

How to replace USCIS-issued naturalization or citizenship certificates using DoNotPay:

If you want to replace USCIS-issued naturalization or citizenship certificates but don't know where to start, DoNotPay has you covered with these easy steps:

  1. Search "naturalization certificates" (or "USCIS") on DoNotPay. 
  2. Select the document you are applying for, and the reason why you need a replacement. 
  3. Tell us more about the original certificate, including the certificate number, when it was issued, and the details of the person it was issued to. Upload evidence files to support your claims. 
  4. Enter the contact information for any preparers and interpreters that helped with the application. Select whether you want to pay the application fee by check or credit card. 
  5. Indicate whether you would like to receive a digital copy of your forms or have us mail them to you. 

Why You Should Use DoNotPay to Get Your Replacement Citizenship Certificate

Across all cities, counties, and states, these products keep you on schedule, and they save you time and money. Wherever you live, get your Citizenship Certificate replacement quickly, easily, and successfully. Make time for your to-do list and the things you want to do too. Here are some other articles in the Naturalization and Citizenship Certificate product series.

What Else DoNotPay Can Do?

The products from DoNotPay can do a wide range of tasks on your behalf quickly, easily, and successfully. The Naturalization and Citizenship Certificate product is just one of the many products DoNotPay offers. Get started saving time and money by checking out these articles for other DoNotPay product series.

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