What Games Can I Make Money On?

Make Money Online What Games Can I Make Money On?

What Games Can I Make Money On?

With gaming culture at its pinnacle, it's hard to imagine where it will go from here. The video game industry is estimated to have now exceeded $300 billion, and it shows, considering how many people have relentlessly figured out how to transform this modern-day art form into a commoditized activity for anyone. It's no surprise at all that there's a proliferation of games you can make money with just by playing them.

DoNotPay wants to show people how to earn side-money easily and while doing something they and their peers like. We've got the run on money-making resources on the internet to earn or generate money with your computer – or utilize apps that pay money to build finances from your phone. In the interest of having a life outside of the commerce-and-trade game (pro tip: there is no Article 1, section 8, clause 5-defined money going around), DoNotPay also has financial game guides specifically for helping you become a weekend warrior for cash!

Whatever your passion, DoNotPay thinks there's no reason anyone who simply wants to can't start harmonizing their relationship with work and finances. With gaming culture, there are more people than ever using their interests in video games to dominate social media and popular culture with ultra-sweet video game covers (The Advantage, we're looking at you – and a tip of the sombrero to Mariachi Entertainment System), Twitch streams of insane Super Metroid speedruns, and even developers who increasingly make games that pay you to play them – which is what we'll cover here.

What Games Pay You To Play?

Fortunately, you almost never need to buy anything or pay registration fees to get started, and most games pay you through PayPal – but you can also find games that pay in BitCoin. It seems the games-for-money industry has ensured that it's as easy as possible to just pick up a game of choice and start earning. Of course, don't be surprised if you have to exercise some patience and understanding with each game's policies and payout terms because they're all different – that's just part of what drives them to out-compete each other for your benefit.

Besides making money through the games themselves, some game companies have periodic prizes and giveaways you can sign up for. Be on the lookout for the companies that offer these most often, and sign up to their emails or check back frequently.

There are game companies that have a huge assortment of games catering to an equally wide variety of tastes. You can probably find the type of game you prefer more than subject yourself to playing something that you honestly wouldn't choose to play just purely for the fun of it.

These days, there's no shortage of options, with games like:

  1. Cards
  2. Board games
  3. Word puzzles
  4. Strategy games
  5. Platformers
  6. Various arcade games
  7. Game show simulators
  8. Casino games
  9. And many more

We know you can work out which games you actually prefer to play, but what games pay you the most to play them? (Note: Before you jump the gun and sign up for any of these sites, remember to seek out an affiliate link from someone you like to see if you can get a promotional offer before you even begin.)

SwagbucksSwagbucks can be obnoxiously bad if you're trying to make money on things like surveys, as it is mostly for, but it also has games that offer some of the better rates for play-to-pay games out there. They also have featured promotions with daily deals, so if you honestly don't really care which kind of game you play to make money, this could keep you happy enough.
InboxDollarsFor more stylish games with good pay rates, check out InboxDollars. They have dozens of card games, strategy games, arcade games, word games, puzzle games, action games, game shows, and more. You can also get fierce with your competitive spirit and join in tournaments.
PointClubPointClub has a particularly high number of prizes and promotions and even a $5 signup bonus. They are like SwagBucks with surveys and a range of less playful options alongside games for cash.
Paid Game PlayerWith over 600 games, Paid Game Player is bound to have something for anyone.
GamesvilleCheck out one of the longest-established sites for making money with games, Gamesville. They advertise that their games are particularly easy – but some of their money-making features are more like contests than consistent money-for-playing. Their games are also a lot more like scratch tickets and casino-like games; not a lot of involvement.

If that's your thing, know that Gamesville works more on their new site, Golden Hearts Games.

Wealth WordsIf you like puzzle and strategy games, in particular, Wealth Words is highly entertaining. They have a very polished site, and their games are equally so. Some of their strategy games, in particular, are very unique.
Online BingoBring grandma! This option is easy for anyone. There are countless bingo sites out there and almost as many with a well-established reputation. If it's not exciting enough for you, you can consider this a good backup if you start to get repetitive strain injuries in your hands or wrists since it's a lot less activity.

How to Make Money on Games: Tip #1

It's where games for money originated: gambling. If you're willing to risk a little more, but earn a lot more, see if your quick reflexes and strategic thinking are well-suited to online gambling sites in addition to game sites. Look for reviews, like on Reddit or other forums, that can partly verify claims of "high RTP" (Return to Player) when you are looking for the right online casino – they don't exist because you're more likely to win than not.

(Note: be aware that for many online casinos – especially those that pay in crypto – the payout metrics you need to hit in order to "cash" out can be so complicated that it's hard to know which ones are worth your time, to begin with.)

Making Money With Games: Tip #2

Though it's somewhat hard to believe, game coaching has gone to record heights. If your wounded inner child longs for the days of just playing for fun again, you could look outside of the online games-for-money resources and consider offering your services as a game coach on the particular games you are best at. It's not unknown for them to make $200 an hour, given the gaming competitions out there.

Earn Money by Gaming: Tip #3

If you like the idea of playing in tournaments and staking your earnings on your skill, consider looking for online tournaments. Find a game you are particularly good at that has a big drawing, and look for real-time or live gaming tournaments and see who comes out on top! Never underestimate the autistically obsessive lengths some in the gaming community will go, as we all learned from the documentary King of Kong. Another group even went as far as to attach electrodes to Street Fighter 2, programmed to deliver painful shocks when hit. Hadoken!

Make Money by Gaming: Tip #4

Multi-task! If you've found some kind of very "spin the roulette… wait a while… see what happens… wee…!" kind of game, you might have something better than it seems at first glance. If you have a lot of dead time between moves and the game becomes overly easy and predictable, consider how you might have it going in another browser and watch it with your peripheral vision while focusing more on another game. Pause the game you're focusing more on as needed to momentarily switch back to the other.

Generate Income With Games: Tip #5

If you've got a gift of gab, but your guidance counselor never told you that you could grow up to become a robot lawyer like us, never fear! You can entertain yourself and your peers by recording podcasts or live streams of yourself while you play games for money. It might even put you in a more playful, fun-loving mood, and your audience will love it! With people making 1080 HD videos of them just opening boxes and talking about life (and stuff), there's no reason you can't kill two Duck Hunt birds with one NES Zapper Light Gun and double-side hustle your way to a good time, times two!

Other Ways to Earn Money Online

On second thought, if you feel the need to "grow up" and start earning "real" fiat currency, you should also see the DoNotPay guides and services to make money with Robinhood, trade on Webull, earn crypto on Coinbase, and trade on the stock market.

Even if not, we have plenty of other methods. The following are just some of these services available to all our members for just one ultra-low tri-monthly fiat-currency rate:

There's just no replacement for the security of broadening out your wealth-generating capacities, and you owe it to yourself to make shorter, easier work of your money-making endeavors.

Here's how to get started:

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