DoNotPay Answers: What Does SM Mean? Trademark Symbols From A to Z

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What Does SM Mean? Trademark Symbols Made Simple With DoNotPay

Looking to register a trademark but don’t know where to start? The whole process can be overwhelming, especially if you are not familiar with the terminology. Need answers to questions such as “What does SM mean?” Trademark symbols can be confusing! DoNotPay’s easy-to-follow article will provide all the key details and show you how to register a trademark hassle-free!

Trademarks Explained

Trademarks exist to:

  • Identify the original source of a product or service
  • Guard a business’s commercial interests
  • Protect consumers from buying lower quality products from a different manufacturer
  • Promote goods and services

When you register a trademark, whether it is a picture or a slogan, you will make your products stand out from the competition. You will also be legally allowed to sue anyone who tries to copy the trademark.

TM vs. R Trademark

People usually confuse the TM and R symbols, and they are not sure what the symbols represent or when they are used. Familiarizing yourself with the differences is crucial before registering your trademark.

The main differences between a TM and R trademark are that the:

  1. Former indicates that a particular word, phrase, or logo serves as an identifier for a product
  2. Latter represents a trademark that’s registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)

The TM symbol typically does not offer legal protection, and you can use it without registering it. People usually add the TM sign on phrases, logos, or designs that they plan to register. Once their mark is registered, it will have the R symbol next to it and be under legal protection.

What Does SM Mean in Trademark?

In 1973, the United States adopted the Nice Agreement, which classifies trademarks into 45 classes. The first 34 classes are for goods, while the other 11 are for services. When protecting your trademark, you will have to register it under an appropriate class. For example, if you are offering insurance and financial services, you will have to file your mark under class 36.

Unlike the TM symbol, which serves as a proprietary mark for an owner’s goods, the SM (service mark) is used for indicating ownership of services. This symbol is usually found on delivery vehicles, marketing materials, digital presentations, and various other visual forms. There are three types of SM marks, as follows:

StandardThis type uses basics words and numbers, such as the company name for example
StylizedStylized marks generally include specific design elements. These can be photos, colors, and illustrations related to a business
Sound marksThis type of mark refers to the sounds associated with a company, for example, the roar of the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios lion

How Much Does It Cost To Get a Trademark?

The cost of getting your trademark registered with the USPTO depends on:

  • The filling option—You can choose between two trademark applications:
    • Trademark Electronic Application System (TEAS) Standard—$350 per class
    • Trademark Electronic Application System (TEAS) Plus—$250 per class
  • Number of trademarks you register—As each mark requires you to file a separate application, you will have to pay separate fees for each
  • Number of classes you choose—Select one or multiple classes you want your mark to be registered under
  • Whether you hire a lawyer—If you want professional help during the registration process, you need to prepare a significant amount of money as lawyers charge high fees

If you want to go through the registration fee hassle-free and without wasting your hard-earned money, use DoNotPay. We will help you register a trademark and protect your brand in a few clicks!

Use DoNotPay To File a Trademark Without Breaking the Bank

The United States Patent and Trademark Office rejects many applications due to minor mistakes, which makes the trademark registration process challenging and stressful. This is where DoNotPay comes in! Our AI-powered app will:

  • Do a thorough clearance search
  • Verify that your desired name or symbol is not already in use
  • Disclose all the information required for registration
  • Complete the application form in your stead

To use our app, all you have to do is:

  1. Subscribe to DoNotPay
  2. Select our Trademark Registration tool
  3. Choose the trademark type and provide the required info
  4. Select a payment type

Once you submit your request, DoNotPay will forward the application to the USPTO and include your email so they can reach out to you when your trademark gets approved. We’ll also provide you with the application tracking number so you can track its status in the meantime.

DoNotPay offers numerous detailed guides to help you understand other trademark-related conundrums, such as the differences between a copyright and a trademark and all the trademark requirements.

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