Get the Best Wedding Video Contract Template

Standardized Legal Documents Get the Best Wedding Video Contract Template

Finding a Good Wedding Video Contract Template Among the Bad and the Ugly

For your special day to go as smoothly as possible, you’d want to find a reliable videographer, and just as importantly, a solid wedding video contract. As there are millions of templates online, it’s wise to learn about this document so that you grab the best wedding video contract template.

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A Wedding Video Contract Explained

A wedding video contract is a legal document between the videographer and the client—the bridal couple—covering the terms and conditions of the videographer’s services for the wedding. This contract binds both parties to fulfill the terms stipulated by it.

What Should a Wedding Videography Contract Template Cover?

Check out the main components of a wedding videography contract in the table below:


Brief Explanation

Info about the clientsFull names, addresses, and contact details
Info about the videographer and any assistants or substitute videographersNames and contact info
Wedding detailsThe venue and other shooting locations, such as:

  • Couple’s home
  • Hotel
  • Ceremony location
  • Reception venue
  • Bridal shower venue
  • Rehearsal dinner location
  • Day-after shooting location
Shooting datesDates, number of days, and work hours
Technical details
  • Video package selected by the couple (e.g., it may include additional travel and accommodation costs)
  • Number of cameras that will be used
  • Backup technical equipment

Delivery of the video

  • Place where the final edit will be delivered
  • Number of copies
  • Raw footage, if any
  • Total length of the video
  • Features and special effects
  • Background music added
  • Interviews of guests added
  • Date of the delivery
  • Delivery delays
Restrictions and house rules
  • Designated places where the videographer is allowed to film
  • Unrestricted venues
  • Special-permission venues (e.g., churches and historical places)
  • Drone restrictions
  • Release of videographer’s responsibility in terms of the quality of the video due to conditions they cannot control, such as bad weather
Total costPrice of the videographer’s services and the delivery of the video
Payment conditionsDue dates and the deposit amount
Cancellation and refund policyAgreed-upon terms in case of cancellation
Limited liabilityVideographer’s liability in case the video is lost, stolen, or damaged
CopyrightCopyrights of the filmed videos

Why Is a Wedding Videography Contract Important?

A wedding videography contract is necessary to ensure everything goes the way you want it to on your big day. A signed contract will prevent the videographer from changing their mind and bailing at the last minute, changing the price, filming in restricted areas, or not filming important moments. It’s a guarantee that both the couple and the videographer will respect the terms of the contract.

This document also provides a safety net in case something goes wrong—for example, if a dispute arises.

How To Choose a Reliable Wedding Video Contract Template

You may opt for the first website that pops up when you search for a wedding video contract template. You should be careful and select the right template for you that will not take a lot of time to tweak. Here’s what you should look out for in a potential template:

  1. Grammatical errors
  2. Watermarks
  3. Out-of-date clauses
  4. Hidden charges
  5. Missing terms

Certain wedding videographer websites may already have a contract you can check online. This way, you can compare theirs and other templates and follow our guide to create the perfect contract for your wedding.

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