An In-Depth Guide to Writing a Website Maintenance Agreement

Standardized Legal Documents An In-Depth Guide to Writing a Website Maintenance Agreement

Learn What a Website Maintenance Agreement Is and How To Create One

Keeping your website up-to-date is of utmost importance for your business. That’s why you should hire a developer or a company that can maintain the website and make sure everything runs smoothly. Once you decide which professional to hire, you should consider signing a website maintenance agreement. A well-written agreement can be of big help and protect the interest of both the developer and the client. 

Writing any legal document can be challenging for most people. Rely on our guide to find out more about a website maintenance agreement and learn how to write it correctly. Should you need help drawing up any other contract, you can subscribe to DoNotPay, get some answers, and get a personalized document in minutes!

Key Aspects of a Website Maintenance Agreement 

A website maintenance agreement is a document signed by a:

  • Website owner 
  • Developer or a company that takes care of the website maintenance and support

The purpose of the agreement is to:

  • Outline the developer’s responsibilities 
  • Spell out the website owner’s obligations towards the developer
  • Provide legal protection to both signing parties
  • Ensure there are no misunderstandings 

While verbal agreements are also acceptable and legally enforceable in most states, having any contract in writing is a better option. The lack of a website maintenance agreement can cause many issues and complications, especially if the situation escalates and you end up in court. 

You can also request a non-disclosure agreement to ensure that the developer won’t share confidential details with the owner’s competitors. 

Do You Need To Hire a Lawyer To Create Your Website Maintenance Agreement?

By law, you’re not obligated to hire a lawyer as long as your website maintenance agreement is written correctly. This can be challenging if you’re not familiar with the law and legal terminology. 

One of the solutions is to look for contract templates online, but this task can be dreadful and time-consuming. Most templates won’t be suitable for your situation, and you’ll probably have to adjust most of the agreement. 

Should you make even a minor mistake, your website maintenance agreement won’t be valid, and the other signing party might take it to their advantage. While using a template is usually free, this approach might cost you more in the long run. 

If you can’t pay a lawyer to create the document, you could at least try to set aside enough money for quick consultations.

Want To Write a Maintenance Agreement Yourself? Learn Which Sections You Need To Include!

Do you still want to create a website maintenance agreement on your own? You should know which information the contract must cover to offer legal protection to both parties. Check out our table to see which sections your website maintenance agreement should include:

Sections To Include

Brief Description

Introductory sectionIncludes both parties’ names and companies (if applicable)
Description of servicesStates the exact responsibilities of the developer. Most website maintenance companies offer the following services:

  • Editing, updating, or creating textual content on the website
  • Consulting and providing guidance on the use of the owner’s website
  • Maintaining a website’s backup 
Services not includedDiscloses which services the agreement doesn’t cover
Payment term and amountDefines how much the website owner needs to pay and includes the developer’s policies regarding late or missed payments
Termination policyExplains the process and valid reasons for terminating the agreement early
Renewal policyDescribes the renewal process if the agreement has a set termination date
Ownership clauseEnsures that the website owner will keep ownership of the content of the website even when the agreement ends
LiabilityPrevents the site owner from holding the developer accountable should something go wrong 
Dispute resolutionSpells out how the parties will resolve any potential conflict regarding the contract

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