How To Find a Reliable Website Design Contract Template

Standardized Legal Documents How To Find a Reliable Website Design Contract Template

Find a Professional Website Design Contract Template

Website designers who choose not to sign a contract with a new client can find themselves in an unfavorable position. With a good attitude and a carefully drafted website design contract, many potential misunderstandings with a client can be easily avoided.

Luckily, you don’t have to waste a lot of money on lawyers or learn how to write a contract. Nowadays, you can find a contract template online and download it for free. But how to choose a reliable website design contract template?

DoNotPay will explain the crucial elements of a professional website design contact template and help you find the best one!

What Is a Website Design Contract, and Why Is It Important?

A website design contract is a legally binding agreement between a website designer and a client. It defines a business relationship between the involved parties, including the:

  • Project scope
  • Pricing
  • Timeline for deliverables
  • Payment schedule
  • Intellectual property rights

A website design contract should also outline what will happen in case of any disagreements between the designer and the client.

By signing an agreement, the relationship between the participants becomes professional and transparent. When both parties agree on the terms, there will be less room for potential misunderstandings. Once all participants sign the contract, it becomes legally binding, providing an even higher level of protection.

Crucial Sections of a Website Contract Template

Before choosing a website design contract template, you should know what sections to include. Omitting any of them can cause legal disputes with a client. You can see all the crucial elements of a website design contract in the table below:

Elements of a Website Design Contract Template


A detailed description of the work The designer should provide a detailed and precisely defined description of the scope of work, including:

  • Every service and element regarding the coding and development of the website
  • Any future technical support 
Defined timeline of deliverablesThe client should know when to expect the final product
Payment details and invoicingThis section should include:

  • Overall cost
  • Down payment
  • Payment method 
  • Due date for payments
  • Late fees

Some designers charge by the hour and others by the project. Clients often require minor tweaks and changes that the agreement should include, especially if the designer charges for them separately. You can also implement a payment schedule of your choice, such as a weekly, monthly, or half-up-front payment option

Determined revisions and editsThe designer should provide the client with terms for delivery options and drafts of the website. The standard is to agree on one or two revisions upfront to avoid going back and forth
Copyright ownershipA contract should specify:

  • When and how the client can use the work
  • Whether the designer receives full credit for their design
  • What the limits of using the work are

How To Choose a Reliable Web Design Contract Sample 

Finding a website design contract template is not as easy as it seems. There are many online samples to choose from, and they all may look legit. The trouble is that most website design contracts contain general terms, and you will have a hard time finding the one that meets your needs.

Your goal should be to find a contract sample that:

  1. Includes all crucial sections of a website design contract that we listed above 
  2. Doesn’t contain overly complicated legal terminology 
  3. Is easy to customize
  4. Has a reasonable number of pages
  5. Isn’t too costly

What Should I Do When I Find a Suitable Website Design Contract Template?

Finding a website design contract template is only half of the job. You have to make sure the template meets both personal and legal requirements. Your next steps should be to:

  • Download the contract template
  • Add your personal information to the contract 
  • Read the terms carefully and customize them, if necessary
  • Have a lawyer go over your contract once it’s ready

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Type of Documents


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